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    The Contrariwise Shift // Teaser 2 // Soon...

    The Contrariwise Shift // Teaser 3 // 3 Days... Teaser 3: 3 Days... Teaser 2: Soon... Teaser 1: Something in the air has "Shifted".... Cheers,
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    The Contrariwise Shift // Teaser 1 // Something in the air has Shifted...
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    IHTSS Shift

    I gotcha; I have preformed this for many years for both magicians and laymen. I would love to do prove to you that it has very real and strong real world applications, but who am I for you to trust just my word on it? And what is a move that can't be used in the real world? That would be a...
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    IHTSS Shift

    Agreed. I purposely shot it like this so everyone can get a close up of my hands, not getting that close as to provide video cover. It looks exactly the same from a wide angle shot, but a lot of people want to scrutinize and get up close. That would be pointless IMO. That's like doing a...
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    IHTSS Shift

    Almost identical to the angles of a pass, with respect to some minor changes because this is a different move.
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    IHTSS Shift

    Hey all, Here is a shift I created sone years back; any thoughts on it? Cheers,
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    Lets Bring It Back!

    It is! It's a great way to meet new magicians and flourishes without having to leave home!
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    Lets Bring It Back!

    Hey all, Years ago (2008) we had an idea of a mass video chat to talk about ideas, tricks, cardistry and meet other magicians while making friends. I say we bring it back! We used the site, now, and the room being "Cardistry". It can fit 16 people vid chatting at...
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    In the Hands False Riffle

    There is audio, its just quiet, turn it up and you will hear it, and I agree 100% with you on that! Cheers, ~Chris Severson
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    In the Hands False Riffle

    Thanks, Like I said, this is a very old video, and the concepts used in the fff shuffle and this have been used through out many other false shuffles. this is just my handling, making it a little more natural, in the hands. I will be posting more up to date videos, and tutorials with actual...
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    In the Hands False Riffle

    Hey All, I haven't posted on Theory11 in a long time! I would like to get your opinion on how it looks. I know that the video is old, and the quality is poor, but I used what i had at the time. Basically its my handling on a in the hands riffle shuffle with a bridge, that is 100% false. It...
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    Caught performing a sleight...

    I uaslly do, if they say "i know how you did that" i do 1 of 2 things 1. if they say "i know how you did that!", i reply "so do I!" i catches them off guard. then if they say you did.....blah blah blah then i do this. 2. say i do the clip shift, and they say that its coming from the...
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    Smoke and Mirrors - Yay or Nay?

    I like them. they look cool. And besides, everyone was asking if D&D were going to put out THERE own deck of cards, and every one was really excited when they were. now that they have, a lot of people are complaining about the double D's. well before everyone said that they wanted D&D to...
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    How old are the Brown Wynn cards?

    then could some one tell me why they are so rare if there only 2 (going on 3) years old??
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    How old are the Brown Wynn cards?

    how old are the brown wynn's, what is the history to them? just wanting to know, thanks
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    Blackpool Magic Convention 2008

    i want to go but i have no money, say hi to david solomon for me!!
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    Why so serious?

    the cards are probly specialy made for the movie, and they don't even look that good, sorry, but hte movie looks freakin sweet!!!
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    For those of you worried about ruining your card decks...

    ya, you really don't need to put them in the freezer only the fridge, that way when you take them out they wont get soggy, but still remain crisp!! (lol)
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    Trilogy Bonus DVD

    sweet:cool: thats all i needed to hear... well read... um, you get the idea, i guess it will run for about $30 buck like the seperate tricks, florishes, and everythingeles DVD's? peace
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    The World Magic Awards :: TV Special

    it was a 2 hour long special, i watched the whole thing and i thought it was pretty good
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