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  1. The Magic X

    Back from the Grave

    So, I'm not dead, that's always nice. For those who remember me, I was fairly active on these forums for a while. Sadly, health issues came up and I haven't been practicing my magic as much as I probably should. Luckily, I'm feeling a lot better now, and classes have ended, so I'm back. So...
  2. The Magic X

    Which is better?

    There is no best. It all depends on what you want to do. I recommend that you just do whatever comes naturally to you when you perform. /x
  3. The Magic X

    Best Marketplace tricks/flourishes?

    Now, I haven't bought as much as I'd like on the wire, so I only know a small part of what's there. May I recommend some of Michael O'Brien's effects? I won some free tricks of his a while back, so I may be slightly biased, but I really do like what he has. /x
  4. The Magic X

    What do you think?

    Nice. Is not exactly my kind of thing but I like the idea. /x
  5. The Magic X

    Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions For 2017

    Congratulations my good man. I think we all learned a lot this last year, and I hope we learn much more this year. /x
  6. The Magic X

    Must Have Utility Device/Gimmicks?

    I must agree with most, The Code is great. I also own an ITR, which I've brought with me almost every day. /x
  7. The Magic X

    Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions For 2017

    Despite all the craziness of life, 2016 will remain in my heart as the year of magic. This is the year that I started taking magic seriously. This is the year I started performing on the street. This is the year I spent way too much money buying decks of cards. Every time I failed, I learned...
  8. The Magic X

    Holiday Wheel

    I'm just hoping for the instant collection because I really want to collect more decks. Happy Holidays!
  9. The Magic X

    Saturday Night Contest - Spin The Wheel!

    I really enjoy these Saturday contests, even if I don't always partake in them. 1. No Reward 2. 100 points 3. 50 points
  10. The Magic X

    Holiday Wheel

    I see why this gets lots of attention, this is really interesting.
  11. The Magic X

    Holiday Wheel

    I should have waited until now to get my NPH cards. I digress, but so far it's really cool. I really want the instant deck collection more than anything else.
  12. The Magic X

    Holiday Wheel

    Is the Holiday Wheel up yet? I'm kind of confused with what's going on, and my "Cerca Trova"-ing hasn't helped much yet.
  13. The Magic X

    Top 10 handling decks

    Also, if you are willing to go with something besides the USPCC, may I recommend things from other printers? Legend's Draconians, Mirages, and Serpentines, or Expert's NOC line of decks are pretty good handling, and nice on the eyes.
  14. The Magic X

    Neil Patrick Harris.

    I really enjoy these myself, and I like the kind of coppery color of the backs. I still don't get the secrets though.
  15. The Magic X

    Saturday Night Contest - CHAOS

    Good luck!
  16. The Magic X

    NPH on JK

    Link, please? I always seem to forget that Neil Patrick Harris is a magician, but this sounds pretty interesting. I just bought the NPH Playing Cards, and I'd like to see them in action.
  17. The Magic X

    Complete beginner to magic

    I wish you well on your exploration of the art.
  18. The Magic X

    My Own Lil Competition

    I can't think of any reason T11 wouldn't allow it. I'm interested.
  19. The Magic X

    Complete beginner to magic

    Yeah, sleight-of-hand takes a while, because you need to develop hand strength and dexterity. If you've ever played and instrument, it's like that. The easy part is learning how to do it, the hard part is getting it to come naturally, but that comes with practice. For the time being, work on...
  20. The Magic X

    Complete beginner to magic

    This one is the one I have, but it has gone through different covers over time. I've seen the one you are mentioning though.
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