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    Extreme Burn Performance Ideas?

    In Singapore, we use lottery tickets. They are almost the same size as our bills, so we trim the lottery tickets. A local magician named Mark Wong had it in his performance in his IG, here's a post of it: I used Lottery...
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    Anything on bill vanish?

    That was the last resort. I'm looking for a readily available gimmick to save myself the trouble but hey! If there's no other gimmicks out there then I guess time to deck out the drawing board and ready some coffee for brain juice!
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    Anything on bill vanish?

    I'm looking for something, a trick, whereby you have a stack of bill and it slowly vanishes like a deck vanish and you end up with a single bill. Something like "Level One" but instead of a deck vanishing to a single card, you have a stack of cash vanishing into a single bill.
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    Strongest Card trick?

    I personally enjoy Asi Wind's AACAAN and Double Exposure.
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    Looking trick up on youtube

    Whenever someone ask me for the name of the trick, I'd come up with an excuse. Some cliche, some truthful and some are just nonsense I put together to avoid answering them. They can go from, "it's magic!" to "I spent hours learning this, I'm not willing to divulge it to you so easily" or "I sold...
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    Ring Magic

    Some of the ring tricks I've dived into were Circuit, The Ring Thing and Reflex. These are non-gimmicked. I remember seeing that somewhere but I'm not sure where. You can try The Ring Thing's trailer and see if it's on there.
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    Good Marking system

    You can check out Butterfly Deck by Ondrej Psenicka. I think they are wonderful! I'm currently using the Ellusionist 1800, they are beautiful!
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    Books/dvds about performance

    A trick is just a trick, it's the story and presentation that adds flavour to it. Come up with something on your own, make up a story and use it. Let that be your script/patter. Most tutorial videos will often share how they will present the trick and the patter that they use. You can use those...
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    Any of your favorite beautiful decks?

    Eh, I have 2 sets of Dan & Dave Private Reserve, those are my favourite and I haven't opened them...yet. But if you mean decks that I use frequently, as of now...whatever I'm using is all in my signature. Monarch Silver, Madison Rounders Brown and Ellusionist 1800 Bicycle Blue.
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    Books/dvds about performance

    Most of the tutorial videos will allow you to understand from the creator/magician's point of view on how to handle certain situations, whether it comes to the patter (script) or the angles. Ultimately it is how you want to structure your trick. The tricks are just tools for you. For example...
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    What are some of your favourite card controls?

    Anyone used the Cherry Control other than Christopher? How is it like? It look really neat and easy to learn as well as control. Also seems to be non-angle sensitive.
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    What are some of your favourite card controls?

    For me, the classic pass, bluff pass,spread control and Shinobi control are some of the ones I'm using. What about y'all?
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    Shout out to the Support Team!

    So there has been some issues and questions which I was trying to resolve but Miss Gerhart was extremely patient with my bombardment of questions and enquiries for the products that I have purchased. I just want to thank Miss Gerhart and the t11 Support Team for all the help and the great...
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    Departure and all its subtlety...

    Thank you very much for the input, Notsoltd and Tyler! I can't wait to get Odyssey and SvenPad! I feel that tricks in general, are just tricks. What makes the tricks so special is when you start to relate to things and have a story. Tricks are just tools, and if I can define them, they are all...
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    Good flourishes for small hands

    This is LingNemesis, she is from Singapore (as am I) and she is actually a petite cardist. I hope she can inspire you!
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    Departure and all its subtlety...

    I purchased Departure but the problem comes when the ring that we're playing with is too light. When that happens, you can obviously see that the cable is being pulled and you can visibly see the ring fly into the pocket. I don't have a heavy train to practice with as the one I wear on my finger...
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    SvenPad, Smoke 2.0 and Odyssey questions

    *gasp* The creator of the SvenPad just replied to my topic! Thanks for the invite and acceptance, I've joined the FB group as you have earlier suggested! I now have an understanding of how you managed to get x2 force. One of the method I have earlier discussed with another magician (please...
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    Smoking French Kiss

    Thanks CWhite! I was looking for it on YouTube and didn't realise this was the video you were talking about! Okay, so this is how he did it... But I feel that Justin and the video I provided (his name is Angel...?) lack the intimacy that Wayne has when he performed French Kiss. Justin's...
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    Smoking French Kiss

    Someone has done it before, on YouTube. But I couldn't perform him the way he did, what he did was to hit the card into his mouth while it is closed to prevent the smoke from being released. I just felt that it was really awkward so I didn't want to follow that method. This was the video:
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    Smoking French Kiss

    So I purchased Smoke 2.0 and French Kiss. Having an idea, I decided to put them together. But unfortunately, I cannot place the card in my mouth without accidentally releasing smoke... Any tips on what I should do?
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