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  1. Theexpanse

    Ace production

  2. Theexpanse

    Ace production

    Made by Noel Heath
  3. Theexpanse

    360 carnahan
  4. Theexpanse

    Problem: Fingers are Too Smooth to do some effects

    Maybe I’m weird but when I practice at night it works better.
  5. Theexpanse

    My riffle fan is bad

    Jeez that helped a lot
  6. Theexpanse

    Is my fy fan going good

    I want to know if my fy fan is good and if it isn’t some tips
  7. Theexpanse


    Thanks it helped
  8. Theexpanse

    Curly cue tips

    Already watched the video by daily cards and the one by the December boys. I want to make it so I have a double fan and a decent sized one to. I’ve been having trouble getting 2 distinct fans. (Video of me doing the flourish)
  9. Theexpanse

    How do you feel about theory11 cards?

    I think most theory 11 cards feel great and look good by the ornate designs sometimes feel repetitive. I personally like simplicity in my decks.
  10. Theexpanse


    Mine is crap and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong plz help I really want to learn
  11. Theexpanse

    Thoughts on this flourish

    I liked it but it could have been a little smoother
  12. Theexpanse

    Thumb Fan Problems

    Most likely the deck. Or the pressure.(try pressing harder on the bottom)
  13. Theexpanse

    My riffle fan is bad

    Already watched unfortunately didn’t help.
  14. Theexpanse

    My handling of the Notis Cascade.

    What is the notis cascade?
  15. Theexpanse

    Am I doing buzzsaw correctly

    Again like my water bend post just want to make sure I’m doing it right
  16. Theexpanse

    Original move?

    I was experimenting with friffle and got this move I just want to know if it’s a original creation or not.
  17. Theexpanse

    Am I water bending right?

    I think I have the basic idea but I wanted to make sure I got it down
  18. Theexpanse

    Can't Faro Shuffle for the life of me

    I think perfect faros just requires a crap ton of practice
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