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    Maybe a new control

    Have you seen this before?
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    Is this original?

    A few days ago I came up with this trick. Could anybody tell me if this is original or not? And if this is a good-okayish one?
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    Something for the gambling move lovers

    So. I came with this a while back. I'm not trying to fool you, but would be nice to fool some magicians who are new to this kind of moves. It uses no gaff cards, so it's fun to do :)
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    Greek deal

    I was wondering about your thoughts on the greek deal, and are there any greek dealers out there, so I started this thread. I would appreciate any tips, thoughts, demos, anything related to this topic. My demo is below :)
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    Tips on center dealing

    So, a while back, I posted a thread about tips for center dealing. I've been practicing the center dealing for a bit now, and I'm not exactly where I want to be. So, here's a short video of me doing centers(ignore the bottom sailing), and feel free to criticise...
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    Unnecessary moves

    Hi, guys! I was talking to a friend yesterday about card table artifice, and we got on a very interesting topic(at least to us), so I decided to see what you have to say about it. When you take a look at those "cheating at poker" dvds, in each and every dvd, you will learn at least 5 or 6...
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    Paying issue.

    Hey guys! My name is Domagoj, I'm from Croatia. I'm 15 years old, and I'm wondering about paying money for products from T11. There is a ton of things I'd like to buy on this site, but I have a problem. The prices are in dollars, and my bank acc is in croatian value(kn). So, do I have to have an...
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    Bottom deal battle.

    I've been practicing bottoms, and I want to challenge someone. If anyone's in, just reply. Btw, I'm 14, but don't go easy on me. :D
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    the center deal

    all of us have seen at least one perfect center deal demo with a minimum break. steve forte and paul wilson have centers of such kind, and I would add DOC's center deal, too. (on youtube doc's vid is called ''Jimmy's center deal''. that is the deal I do, just, the break is too big to be...
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