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  1. danwhite

    Saturday Night Contest - The "Art" of Magic

    A few months ago at Magic-Con, artist Tony Cabral created illustrations of each presenter. The illustrations were presented in a gallery at the conference, as well as a book sold by Cabral shortly after. His work is incredible - filled with remarkable detail. You can see Tony's illustrations...
  2. danwhite

    Luke Dancy Dan White Workshop in Philly

    Luke Dancy and myself will be holding a workshop Sunday night from 7-9pm at the TrickZone Philadelphia at 1050 North Hancock St. in Northern Liberties. If you're interested, give Seth a ring at TrickZone Philly. His number is 267-455-0406. I'm told there are a limited number of seats...
  3. danwhite

    t11.bulletin : Incredible Magic Opportunity - Shanghai

    Hey All, I am currently in Shanghai working on an incredible project with Armando Lucero and I wanted to pass on a great opportunity for any and all qualified magicians. We are basically looking for great close up magicians from all over the world to perform in a new and prestigious...
  4. danwhite

    SEPTEMBER 2009: That Feeling of Wonder

    Hey Guys, its Dan White and I am writing to you all from the great city of Hong Kong. This month's Cerca Trova topic is something I am continuously fascinated by - real magic. But I'm not talking about tricks. I'm talking about that feeling of wonder. so here's what I'm asking: aside from any...
  5. danwhite

    January 2009 - Cerca Trova Posted

    Check it out and let us know your thoughts here: dan.white
  6. danwhite

    January 2009 :: From One Generation To Another

    There is a divide in magic - there is a separation - between the older generation of magicians and the younger generation of magicians. In magic, it's destructive to the mutual goal of advancing the artform we all know and love. It is not ubiquitous, but it is there. theory11 has done wonders...
  7. danwhite

    Philly Sunday

    Hello, If any of you are in or around the Philadelphia area, you should stop by Bob Little's convention on Sunday. Its a small one but it looks as though there will be some very special surprise guests there. Respect, DW
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