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  1. ~Ryan Fox~

    ~Request for Feedback~ Tacked

    Hey guys, My name is Nick (I perform under the name Ryan Fox) and I released an effect called Tacked a few days on the Wire. If anyone has purchased the effect I would really appreciate some feedback from you guys. This effect was my trial run and I would love to know what everyone thought...
  2. ~Ryan Fox~

    I can't find my answer anywhere! Please help!

    Does anyone know how to get ahold of Masuda. He is known most for his card effect "wow" and several other visually amazing material. Evertime I research his name I cannot find a website belonging to him. Maybe im putting in the wrong tag words but, if anyone knows can yo guide me to his contact...
  3. ~Ryan Fox~

    I need some help for a creative project.

    I was wondering if there is any magic company or persona that helps in the production of gimmicks? Not like double back cards but high end produced gimmicks. I have an idea but dont know who I can get to make it for me. I dont want to sell and market(maybe) this idea just need some guidance, Is...
  4. ~Ryan Fox~

    Performing for the Reporter Herald (Newspaper)

    Hey everyone, I don't post alot here but, I do read alot of post and I need your guys opionions and assistance. So heres whats going to happen this friday. I will be performing in their business office and after that I will be interviewed with a couple answer and question type interview...
  5. ~Ryan Fox~

    Anyone Perform Card to Ceiling?

    Im just wondering how many people perform card to ceiling at all? Ive created a new version and im interested in creating it into a e book since I have been performing with this method for over 2 years and im wondering if its worth it? The new card on ceiling idea uses the card box and...
  6. ~Ryan Fox~

    Jerry's Nugget Contest Win a deck!

    I might be crazy for doing this but I have thought long and hard about this so here we go. I have decided to hold a contest on my youtube channel in spite of curiousity. I have always been intrigued about holding my own contest within the magic community and today is where it starts. I...
  7. ~Ryan Fox~

    Live Performance of Watermark Here is me performing it and the reactions i got. I know i messed up as i did not turn it over right away but i learned from my mistakes and thats all that matters. Please feel free to leave your comments ~Ryan fox~
  8. ~Ryan Fox~

    Cool Idea - Watch This

    Hey guys, I know i posted this in the battle but not a lot of people watch them compared to te amount of users on the forum. I was looking for some feedback on this trick i came up with. Thanks, Ryan Fox
  9. ~Ryan Fox~

    Amazing battle any card trick!!! Open Voting

    Hey guys, Ryan fox here, i wanted to let you know that the any card trick no rules is now open for voting. So check it out below and make sure to vote! Also on a side note, if anyone has any feedback please share it here in this...
  10. ~Ryan Fox~

    Voting Now open

    Check it out ! Thanks, Ryan Fox
  11. ~Ryan Fox~

    Ambitous Card Battle

    Ambitious Card-Need I say more Rules No music just patter can be live but does not have to be no editing to effect the trick Any takers? ~Ryan Fox~
  12. ~Ryan Fox~

    Need some feedback on my idea

    Hey can you guys tell me what you think :) Ive created this a year ago after performing card on ceiling a couple times but wanted to take it to a higher level . Thanks
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