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  1. Punyesh


    2 and a half years and still got a long way to go. I've heard Andrei Jikh say it takes atleast 4-5 years for anyone to be good. -Punyesh
  2. Punyesh

    What do you call those flourishes...

    We've all been there. -Punyesh
  3. Punyesh

    Help Me Please...

    Voted! Best of luck!
  4. Punyesh


    They've been saying that from a long time. What i'm most interested in is kevin ho's sick and twisted wings of a mockingbird. -Punyesh
  5. Punyesh

    Bottom Deal

    Thanks man! -Punyesh
  6. Punyesh

    Bottom Deal

    Yes, i am planning to purchase it but is the bottom deal in there? -Punyesh
  7. Punyesh

    Bottom Deal

    Hey guys! A few days ago i was practicing with my friend. We were practicing bottom dealing when i saw him dribbling the cards into his palm and and then he dealt from the messed up packet without even squaring the cards, and he had decent bottom. When i asked him where he learned it he told me...
  8. Punyesh

    Adelaide Fringe 2012

    Best of luck to you man. -Punyesh
  9. Punyesh

    Invisible Children

    Kony 2012 - WATCH THE FILM Guys, Anyone who's here should take 30 minutes of his/her time and see this video, because what these guys are doing may not be magic but it sure is magical.. and for a lot of reasons. Joseph Kony is the world’s worst war criminal. KONY 2012 is a 29-minute film that...
  10. Punyesh

    Anyone up for the challenge

    Walking on coal's easy cause it take time for the heat to reach your legs and by that time one has already walked off. Legos?..........................One receives pain the exact moment one steps on it and it continues. So i'd agree. IMPOSSIBLE!! (Source:Personal Experience) -Punyesh
  11. Punyesh


    No actually it won't work. Anyway it's a threefly with 4 aces. Thanks man.That's actually a good idea, but kind of risky, anyway thanks. -Punyesh
  12. Punyesh

    please watch v3

    Are you serious?
  13. Punyesh


    Hey guys! I recently learned Dani Daortiz's fourfly . I've performed it many time and it gets great reactions as i do it right after a 3 fly. The problem is do 3 fly more often standing and dani doesn't give any way to vanish the final card without lapping which i can't do standup. Any Help...
  14. Punyesh

    Airbrush change

    Actually the click change's available here on theory11 as a single download for $4.95. -Punyesh
  15. Punyesh

    FREE "How To Do" Seance Download

    Wow Thanks man! -Punyesh
  16. Punyesh

    Subterfuge 52 - JFX

    With releases like yours and Jason England's, people may actually start reading erdnase. Anyhow everyone's forgetting that we should all learn from different sources, that's how we get better. Anyone who says that he wasted his money cause all of the stuff is in Foundations(Which i don't agree...
  17. Punyesh

    The Website is down for some time for changes. It'll be up soon. -Punyesh
  18. Punyesh

    flourish or trick

    Also rather i would suggest purchasing genesis and lee asher's thinking out loud pdf. It's great , it has a lot of great things and also has witness (named Deuce Bag) .It's available on his site. - Punyesh
  19. Punyesh

    What do they mean, "What's your character?"

    Paul Harris - Comic Entertainer , Astonisher Wayne Houchin - Audience Performer, Someone who concentrates on his relationship with his spectator, Sleight of hand artist and magic mentalism Daniel Madison -Underground magician, Gambler and cardist Banacheck -Psychological manipulator, mentalist...
  20. Punyesh

    andthensome teaching

    It has both verbal explanations and silent over the shoulder teaching. I'd say the best parts are m4 Hollywood and the color changes. -Punyesh
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