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    This guy actually bent my coin how?

    It's honestly not that impressive on how. It's much more impressive that you didn't see how he did it. Think of how you would bend a coin. Pliers? Imagine if that was the answer. He bent it using pliers. Isn't it more impressive that you didn't see him bend the coin with pliers, than the fact...
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    Advice for performance anxiety

    Build confidence. Practice performing using a trick that is automatic or semi automatic. A trick that utilizes a key card would be a good place to start. After X amount of time (I believe 5 minutes) you can no longer edit a post.
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    Easy magic

    If you are asking if there is a resource that could teach you all of the contents of a magic book through video, then no. Maybe some of the book. You'd have to describe the effect in the book to google and see if any free tutorial comes up; that would be dumb, since you would need to read the...
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    Is that really true? The "magical experience" is over once they start asking for the method; at which point, the experience isn't better or worse if they know the secret or not. They've already "experienced" it. Knowing the secret won't change the experience they had. You could try to argue that...
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    What deck do you primarily use?

    I use the Costco bikes for practice, but I noticed that they're somewhat choppy on the edges and a little thicker than if you buy a single pack from Target. Not sure why. When I'm out I'll use Nocs. They're plain enough to not be suspicious, and the marking system is useful for some impromptu...
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    Finish the analogy

    You buried all your books too?
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    I was featured on EWN (Etika World Network)!

    I don't think the final phase was done poorly necessarily. You just completed the second reveal. You already punched him and got a reaction, and then you immediately uppercutted him with the final phase. I think that worked out fine, tbh. If you think you can perform it better now, then...
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    Theory11 Awesomeness!

    Yeah I saw this also at the San Mateo Target in California. It's funny, I normally don't check the playing cards section because I know they're only going to have the red/blue single pack bikes, the red/blue double pack bikes, the red/black 4-pack bikes, and the Bicycle Prestige plastic garbage...
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    Roses are Red Poems

    Roses are red & Violets are blue Im a magician So my nuts are too :(
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    Roses are Red Poems

    Roses are red, violets are blue The greatest magicians are all on youtube Roses are red, violets are blue How Jibrizy fooled Penn and Teller, I have no clue Roses are red, violets are blue Steal my trick and I'll beat your ass with bamboo Roses are red, violets are blue You're magical act is...
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    How to create great magic tricks?

    You have to train your creativity. Here are some ways to do this. Brainstorming: Throw out all kinds of ideas and concepts on a piece of paper. There are no rules to this. Anything goes. Just throw out anything you know and can think of on a piece of paper. Then comment on it, write notes...
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    Ambitious Card Routines

    The sleights you use in an ACR I guess can make it unique, but really it's just more of "and now its on top". In a spectators eyes, no matter how you did it, it looks the same. So the real uniqueness, in my opinion, comes down to how you close it. There are so many options out there. Like...
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    Magician Nicknames

    Nicknames for the people on this thread (that I see frequently) @010rusty : Gameaholic @Maaz Hasan : Young King @Al e Cat Dabra : Terminal Knowledge @Lord Magic : Lord Magic @obrienmagic : The Professional @RealityOne : The Curator @CardMagicNJ : Fresh Prince of Bel Ace
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    Give me your Worst hack line.

    As you can see all the cards are different, but the backs are all the same. Whats your name? How do you spell that? That's correct. *Cards Across* Let me make it magically jump back. There done.
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    Card Controls.

    If you know how to DPS, then there is a pretty decent Card Control that uses the same principal. I honestly don't know the name of it, or where I learned it from. It is a control I learned when I first got into magic so it can probably be found in Card College Volume 1 some where. Haven't...
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    Stuff Magicians never say.

    I learned all of my magic on YouTube. I know how to do a double lift and the ambitious card. Where can an intermediate/advanced magician learn some new sleight of hand? Can someone please tell me how this trick is done? My name is Jibrizy. I had a very pleasant and intellectual conversation...
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    Terrible Pickup lines

    Watch as I make this Jumbo Tip Industrial Sharpie Pen vanish. Where did it go? Reach into my front pocket.
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    Creativity thread

    Classic Pass Control (to top) Why you shouldn't use the Classic Pass to control a card to the top
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    The Problem With Magic And The Internet

    I'm on board with this. My list may look different, but more or less the same. I agree that there are "levels to this $#!%" as the youngsters say.
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