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  1. inedhowetrust89

    what do you think about "fake" jerry's nugget?

    i bought fake JN couple weeks ago.. and well..the box are so thick as card board... but the card not as bad as people said.. they good as flourish but don't do tricks with sleight of hand with this card.. i have playing around, testing how this cards, drop it to floor and other.. the...
  2. inedhowetrust89

    anyone knows this 4 aces tricks

    anyone knows 4 aces strip out from the deck then first ace put on the bottom rise up to the top, second aces from top instantly go to bottom and it keeps until the last aces. i hear it called elevator card but i dont know its right or wrong anyone know who invent or the creator and the real...
  3. inedhowetrust89

    Providing Card Tricks Credits

    hi guys.. im looking for websites contain a lot of history and original card move and tricks with the original inventors.. i start to make my own tricks by combining and inspire by other tricks.. so i need to put my credits on it. anyone knows? also its free, no need to pay. ps: not...
  4. inedhowetrust89

    which magic wallet you used?

    for all magician who had one of magic wallet (either card to wallet, fire wallet, himber wallet, etc) i want to hear your though about which wallet good for everyday wallet, wallet that can be used for replacing your real and normal wallet. i just bought kaps on fire and SuperSlim Hip Pocket...
  5. inedhowetrust89

    US Playing Card Company's paper quality

    maybe this is not the first time i saw people complain about the thickness of some playing card brand which is produce by US Playing Card Company. last December i just got package contain 605 fournier playing card and its my first time EVER buy the non-USPCC playing card. because i satisfied...
  6. inedhowetrust89

    wishlist #1 (what do you think?)

    hi guys... in the end of this month i plan to buy some dvds and books just let you know: red mirror by helder twothousanten by DnD gyro powerball but in addition i plan to buy: Drawing Room Deceptions by Guy Hollingworth Further Impuzzibilities By Jim Steinmeyer Impuzzibilities By...
  7. inedhowetrust89

    I got 31 cards said "10% off"

    hi guys i just opened my package yesterday because i just go back from beijing... i scratch all the holiday contest card i got and all said "10% off for the next order" do i have to claim to T11 first or i just used it by the way...?? thanks^^
  8. inedhowetrust89

    Playing Cards from Spain?

    hi guys.. im a but hurry to ask this because im asking one of my friend who stay for vacation in spain and going to back to my hometown next week to buy me playing card from spain.. so i want to ask to all of you which brand of playing card should i ask him to buy for me.. my friend not a...
  9. inedhowetrust89

    recommend me some card magic books, but..

    im interested on card magic about almost 10 years from now.. i need to make my skill even further so i need a source that can take me more better. i like more standing card magic, no need table maybe use spectator hand to handle it.. more modern handling and more flourishes.. so i need a...
  10. inedhowetrust89

    Fournier 605

    Hi guys.. I just got 605 last week and when im play with it im handle so different with other playing card. The stock so thick and they have different surface like USPC cards. Did anyone know how to maintain this card to make long lasting? And how may of you own 605 already? Share your...
  11. inedhowetrust89

    JACKS & JOKERS apparel

    hi theory11.. since JACKS & JOKERS shirt launch in theory11 i fall in love with the design and the quality already.. any plan to add more collection such as the hoodies and vintages shirt..?? i save money to buy the new collection.. can theory11 tell when will be launch?? thanks^^
  12. inedhowetrust89

    Moisturize Your Hands

    anyone who have this problem during play with card? when we handle card sometimes cant smooth enough to do the sleight.. for example: when i do the spin on UZUMAKI by DnD... when my hand really dry i cant even spin the card... anyone have the same problem?or anyone have the solutions for...
  13. inedhowetrust89

    web who provide after effect editing for video

    i want to edit some video of mine and make it more vintage or maybe more color balance to choose.. i love how dananddave and theory11 makes their color so nicely.. when i saw the JACKS & JOKERS video i really want to makes that kind of tones.. and did anyone know how to makes like red light...
  14. inedhowetrust89

    camera for shoot video

    hi guys.. i have NIKON D90 which i can also used it as a camera recording.. i plan to shoot some of my tricks and edit it in HD quality.. anyone have a recommendation for the best cam?? maybe i can have it for my birthday^^ thanks
  15. inedhowetrust89

    Custom Declare in Beijing

    im a foreign student in beijing.. i order some of the magic products and ask them to sent it to beijing. do anyone know how about the costume declare for USPS in beijing? because i did UPS and they shipped quiet fast in a week i can received my package.. i hope guys can help me thanks:D
  16. inedhowetrust89

    USPS without tracking number

    hi guys.. i just order products from wayne houchin store 2 days ago.. they give me free delivery during this december.. when i purchased, wayne email me said "Thanks for your order - it has been sent. We ship via USPS - it may take 2 - 3 weeks to reach you in Beijing." but they dont...
  17. inedhowetrust89

    Did my package ship?

    hi theory11.. its been almost 2 weeks i have been wondering about my package.. the first package i ordered during black friday and it state "shipped" but eveytime i submit ticket to theory11 always said this: We should be getting a second supply of xxxx; ready to ship early this week. since...
  18. inedhowetrust89

    Colorblind & dresscode

    guys... i plan to buy colorblind and dresscode tonight... but i have one question in mind, do anyone knows, do T11 also give the "gimmick" or anything beside the DVD itself...?? thanks edo
  19. inedhowetrust89

    Magic website who can ship to Beijing / Indonesia?

    guys.. i want to ask some question.. i currently live in beijng but im indonesian anyone can recommend me website who sells cards and DVDs (bside DnD,T11,E,Penguins) also who can delivered to beijing and indonesia thanks before^^ regard edo
  20. inedhowetrust89

    Sentinels, BICYCLE 125, or Lee Asher 605 Fournier

    i plan to buy some of the new cards that i never play before.. which one should i buy? because i used card more to flourish and card magic.. so im thinking to buy cards that can be long lasting and last with every environment. please anyone help me:D thanks bfore
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