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    Close up gigs?

    Hey guys Im a close up worker, and I was wondering where I could get a gig, by doing Close up magic. Restaurants is one, but where are some other places? I really appreciate the advice, thanks.
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    A "Signature" Effect - New Trick -

    Hey guys, heres a new trick I came up with, if you've seen this trick before, let me know. Because as far as I know, I came up with this, enjoy! :D
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    Hey guys, these are just my personal experiences with hecklers. 1) I spread out the deck, the kid immediately says "Ive seen this before" or "i know how u do this" , but then when i had him but the card in the middle, hes like "Ok nevermind" lol. So i guess, if the person thinks theyve seen...
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    Insane Coin Magic

    Insane Coin Magic By me
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    Tivo 3.0

    A card transpo I came up with DM's Color. I call it tivo 3.0, also no dupes
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    Anyone wanna battle?

    Ill battle anyone on a given slieght/trick, its up to you
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    Self Created Control Battle

    whos up for it?
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    Street Magic Help

    Hey guys, my names Matt and I'm 13 years old. I've been doing magic for a little over a year now and I'm thinking about doing street magic (blaining, not busking) and I need some advice. 1) I know I have some good tricks but I'm afraid that they won't impress people. What should I do to assure...
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