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  1. fspigeon

    Saturday Night Contest - Call Me Out / Ring a Riddle

    I like how when anything strange or unusual happens, conclusions immediately lead to one person...
  2. fspigeon

    David Blaine new Street Magic?

    Does anybody have any idea when the special will come over to the UK? It took a little while for the Drowned Alive special to come over too. Actually, it'll probably be all over youtube soon! And i'm guessing theres not a product launch for this special like last time? (Phoneomenon...
  3. fspigeon

    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    Haha, i like this one ;) Nahh, i prefer the presentation idea. Everyone is given a trick, and told to present it in the most orginal way or something similiar :)
  4. fspigeon

    Control :: Review

    Well done. A good and honest review. Will be picking this up soon. =]
  5. fspigeon

    My Contest Tomorrow - Contest Ideas

    How about a caption contest? :)
  6. fspigeon

    I invented a cool trick

    Wait, I think I know that chick. :)
  7. fspigeon

    Penguin Magic

    The same could apply to many magic stores. Notice how penguin don't claim that the material is theirs. :)
  8. fspigeon

    Penguin Magic

    I'm sorry, but how is that any help whatsoever? You could say why you don't like them, or why he shoudln't buy it. You should only voice an opinion if you can back it up. :) Most penguin downloads are found in good card magic books. They are just made to be brought up to date and to be...
  9. fspigeon

    What happened to 1-on-1?

    Red bull is far too good.
  10. fspigeon

    derren brown

    He has recently released a book called "Tricks Of The Mind". This book is incredible. I wrote a review on Penguin. He is my hero, and I love him. :) His live show is insane. Go check it out.
  11. fspigeon


    I wonder how many of these are actual magic myspaces? Mine is just for friends. And magic friends of course. :)
  12. fspigeon

    The Random Picture/Picture of Yourself Thread

    Here are two. This is me and Boris. He is my magic rat. This is just me.
  13. fspigeon

    Magic Books

    Awesome. From this, if you do not already own Card College, by Robert Giobbi, or Mark Wilsons Complete Course In Magic, then you are missing out! These are probably the obvious suggestions. Alternatively, take a trip to your local Library, and take a look at the magic books there. They are...
  14. fspigeon

    Magic Books

    You don't know how good it is to hear someone request a book! But, if you want any good help, perhaps you could tell us a few things about yourself. This way we can gauge best what sort of book you would like. For instance: 1. How old are you? (This can give us an idea on what sort of...
  15. fspigeon


    Yeah, I know. I was laughing for half an hour after just reading the rules! These were my pick of the crop. :)
  16. fspigeon

    To all the guys who went through it..

    There ya go. :)
  17. fspigeon

    Question for the Staff.

    Thanks for clearing that up. :)
  18. fspigeon


    I was just wondering, if any of the staff could help out, if there will be any promotions running? Like, a discount, or free deck of guardians, or something? At Christmas? On the 11th of the November? 11/11/07? Cheers, Fraser :)
  19. fspigeon

    Is the Theory 11 mobile thing any good?

    I would just sign up to the email list.
  20. fspigeon

    Created Tricks?

    I have been planning, thinking and creating one effect for a few years. However, to get any further in the creative department, I need someone (preferably an expert) who is great with LED and electronics. If anybody knows someone who I can be put in touch with, that would be greatly...
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