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    Two effects I'd die to know more about!

    Well in which case perhaps shelter can enlighten us all... Shelter, what exactly is the point you are trying to make. Tom
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    Two effects I'd die to know more about!

    I didn't base my conclusion on what praetoritevong alone said. Nobody in this thread has heard of those names, nobody was able to offer any leads, and if none of the magicians have even heard of it, nor does anything turn up when searching the internet or major magic retailers, I don't think...
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    Two effects I'd die to know more about!

    I don't really understand that question in the context of what you quoted from me just there. I think I drew a perfectly reasonable conclusion based on the situation. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Tom
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    When do you know you are a professional?

    And that's what makes you a professional magician...? I despair. By the very meaning of the word, you are a professional if you get paid to do magic. A lot of people seem to think professional is synonymous with good. Wrong. There are some amazing hobbyists out there, just as there are...
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    Two effects I'd die to know more about!

    If he gave you the names of the two tricks, but nobody's heard of them and you still can't find any information on them, then either they are not for sale, or he gave you false names because he didn't want you to find them. I would leave it be, go work out something for yourself that you can...
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    Turnover pass?

    If you hand a deck to a laymen and ask them to shuffle they're probably not going to do an in the hands riffle shuffle or a perfect faro either, but that doesn't mean that when you do those things they're going to think 'I wouldn't shuffle like that, he must be doing something sneaky'. In...
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    Turnover pass?

    If you want to learn a good turnover pass check out the Invisible Pass booklet by Hugard and Braue (of RRTCM and ECT fame). It's on The finger positions and technique are a little different from the standard Hermann style pass which affords you a little extra cover. If you want...
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    Soooooo Frustrating

    Dimensional analysis fail! Anyway, Jo_Vision, I sympathise with you because your problem is an annoying one. If I'm going to do a trick with a colour change I like to cull a few cards so I have a block of red and a block of black which can then be faroed to create a block of cards in red...
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    What's the most advanced card sleight?

    One handed stud center deal... with jumbo cards.... made of metal.... sharp metal.... Seriously though, you don't need to know which is the most advanced sleight, however you define it, not only because even if you came to a decision on what is meant by "most advanced" it would likely still...
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    Is this original?

    The concept of a replacement like that is, as others have said, nothing new I'm afraid. Also, no offense, but your method for doing so isn't among the best. Check out card college chapter 31 for some cool replacements. Tom
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    Is Card Magic Powerful?

    You ought to learn Out of This World. That's not visual. And yet.... Tom
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    Matchbox Production?

    Nick Einhorn has an awesome thing in one of his books where a playing card turns into a matchbox and is slid open to reveal a different card inside. You might be able to use that somehow. Tom
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    David Blaine and Man on Wire

    That was an awesome thing to do for David at the end. Very gracious of Phillipe. Tom
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    The X-Effect Card Change

    If you want to get something like that published you need to come up with something a bit more interesting. Let's face it, at the moment, they chose a card, and it changes, it might be a visual change, but so what. There's no motive or interest there, no hook so to speak. You need to make it...
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    Magic Books

    Have you read them all? :P I own roughly 100 times fewer books than that at a fairly modest 30 or so at a guess. Some of my favourites though include. AoA, Sonata, Mnemonica and Darwin's magic books (S&F, Cardshark, At the Card Table) Tom
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    Is this what magicians have to resort to?

    Mitch, the thing that you are getting so worked up about is a video from a guy trying to make people happy. Is that really so disgusting? Ok, I didn't find it that funny, but at the same time, it doesn't bother me anything like the way it seems to bother you. You say you are offended? Really...
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    TiVo 3.1415926

    Need I elaborate? Tom
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    Going to the Blackpool Convention?

    I went last year and it was honestly one of the best weekends I had in 2008. Make sure you go with a friend and don't just go after the big names, sometimes it turns out that the people nobody's really heard of are the most fun to jam with, if only because too often the people you look up to...
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    TiVo 3.1415926

    I think some of you guys just got 'pwned' Tom
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    Derren Brown - Evening Of Wonders

    I hope you realise that wasn't meant to be amazing but was more a way of him finding out which spectators he should select for the table turning. Tom
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