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  1. cedwards90

    Ello Old Chaps

    Freshman year of college was interesting, but I have been away from the forum for a while. What did I miss ;)
  2. cedwards90

    Anyone need a size 8 PK ring?

    Next week I will be getting a new PK ring since mine no longer fits well. Once I get the new one i will give the old one away to anyone who needs it, for free. I see no reason to keep it. So if you are a size 8 and are interested, let me know.
  3. cedwards90

    Has this move been used as a color change before?

    Just an idea my friend and I had
  4. cedwards90

    So Long

    I will no longer be as active in these forums. If you need to reach me, you can contact me via email have fun boys and girls
  5. cedwards90


    Just watch Get the message?
  6. cedwards90

    Lets Make It Happen

    For the last few months many people have been discussing the problems with theory 11. Myself and RD Chopper have sent several PMs to JB on possible improvements. So lets put everything down right here. I hope this turns out to be a good idea. So here is what I want everyone to do, hopefully we...
  7. cedwards90

    Whatever It Takes

    A very beautiful girl just stopped by my dorm and wanted to see some magic. In my hands were my recently opened White Centurion cards. She commented about how pretty they were. I performed my ACR routine that destroys three cards. Now I am thinking, why didnt I just grab another deck! So that...
  8. cedwards90


    A lot of people have complained about youtube exposure as well as magic revealing tv shows. The argument against that being that your spectators will not go and look up the secret. Sometimes though, the timing just sucks.l I was performing for some college friends in the afternoon, and I...
  9. cedwards90

    Practicing and Perfecting the Classic Force

    A few years ago, I put a lot of time into finding different and better card forces. The only force I ever liked to use was the classic force, but I could never get the hang of it. I was always afraid to try it in a performance because of the possibility of a mistake. Then I figured out a great...
  10. cedwards90

    Contest - Round 1 Commencing

    Alright so 18 people entered so I guess we are going to go with that. If two more people want in before the round is up just send me a PM. Here is what I am looking for. I want you to prove a point relating to magic through a video. Make it something you believe, something you can support. An...
  11. cedwards90

    CONTEST - Big Prizes, Big Fun

    Yes yes yes, another contest. I feel it is in need due to the recent disappointing end to another contest who's name I will not mention. The prizes are as follows 1 Orange Edition of Andthensome signed by Dan and Dave Buck 1 sealed deck of 1st Edition Smoke playing cards 1 sealed deck of 1st...
  12. cedwards90

    Competition Helps... A lot

    I have a friend who I helped get started in magic 2 years ago. He had some problems started out, but hes getting there. We used to perform at the same high school before we graduated. He was always watching me and always wanted to learn the effects I performed. As he improved, we practiced...
  13. cedwards90


    Every time some new trick comes around, the first criticism usually relates to justification, why put the card back on the deck, why put the cap in the bottle anyways. In your opinions, how much of an effect needs justification? -The whole trick in general? -Each slight as an individual?
  14. cedwards90

    Hofzinser’s Aristocrats

    The Trick- Hofzinser’s Aristocrats Authors- Kostya Kimlat + Syd Segal Runtime- 7:33 Price- 6.00 What they say- A multi-phased rendition of the classic Hofzinser Ace Trick developed by Kostya Kimlat & Syd Segal. In this version the spectator is given a role and takes part in the routine by...
  15. cedwards90

    A very simple one for one switch

    I came up with this switch about a year ago, it is based on a color change. At the time I thought, wow that is way to simple and obvious to work. Last week I decided to test it out in some performances and spectators just didn't notice it, it stunned me. I showed it to a friend 5 times in a row...
  16. cedwards90

    1-for-1 Switches

    Besides the top change, and of course the venus trap, what other good one for one switches are out there
  17. cedwards90

    Anyone seen this? Thoughts?
  18. cedwards90

    Lets talk Top Change

    I feel like I am a fairly advanced magician. I am not saying this in any way to try to brag. I have spent a lot of time on a lot of difficult sleights and such. The Top Change has always been something that has eluded me. I can honestly say that mine sucks. I learned the proper technique a while...
  19. cedwards90

    Another Symphony Question

    So, i am planning on purchasing 4, 5, and 6 of the DG project in the future, so is there any benefit to still buying symphony. So the real question is, is there anything on this DVD that will not be on the project DVD's?
  20. cedwards90

    For all you card fanatics out there (who like to burn stuff)...

    I picked this up at a cumberland farms when i was on vacation, looks pretty nice, not that expensive..check it out. DO NOT BUY IT HERE IM SURE YOU CAN FIND IT CHEAPER OTHER PLACES ONLINE. THIS JUST HAD THE BEST PICTURE
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