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  1. Sean.Cinco

    Coin Waltz by Alex Pandrea

    Here's the third product from The Blue Crown that I got to preview. This is Alex Pandrea's "Coin Waltz". I'm sure you guys are familiar with Alex's release here on T11 and on DVD Contents: Performance Gimmick Construction How to Use the Gimmick The Coin Waltz routine...
  2. Sean.Cinco

    Centrifugal by Magick Balay

    Here's another product that I got to preview/review. This one is an ITR DVD by Magick Balay. This can also be found on DVD Contents: -Performances -History of the ITR -ITR Hookup -Floating Coin -Floating Ring -Levitation Subtleties -Lemon/Lime in Drink -How...
  3. Sean.Cinco

    Cannibal by Kevin Reylek

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've posted a review on anything. As many of you know (and for those who don't), Alex Pandrea's site, "The Blue Crown" launched last night, debuting six new products for the magic community. I had the privilege to preview and review three of them. Here's...
  4. Sean.Cinco

    A Short Cartoon About Magician Stereotypes

    For those who remember Homestar Runner and the Strongbad Emails, Strongbad did one about magicians. Check it out. He pretty much nailed it.
  5. Sean.Cinco

    Paul Harris' Blackjack Challenge - Help With Ending

    Hello all. I'm currently working on PH's Blackjack Challenge from AOA vol. 2, and for those of you who are familiar with it (if you aren't, check it out!), you know it ends with producing a royal flush. This gave me an awesome opportunity to do Cheng's Change from TA in a routine, but then it...
  6. Sean.Cinco

    The Truth Behind De'vo

    I'm really into the flourishing scene, but thecuso posted this interesting article from XCMBlog about his (Armond) experience with working with De'vo.
  7. Sean.Cinco

    David Copperfield's Biography Video In the failed attempt to complete the Star Wars Holiday Special (New Record: 30 Minutes), I found this video about David Copperfield's life. Very cool and very inspirational.
  8. Sean.Cinco

    NYMP presents 4Q by Magick Balay

    Four Quarters (4Q) by Magick Balay So a couple days ago, I received a pre-release copy of 4Q by The New York Magic Project, starring Magick Balay. If you don't know who he is, he works at Fantasma Magic in NYC and he's been on Marco Tempest's Virtual Magician. Here's the official spam from...
  9. Sean.Cinco

    The Lefty Deck - first "left handed" deck produced by USPCC What do you guys think?
  10. Sean.Cinco

    Handlordz - Merry Christmas A friend of mine sent it to me. It's pretty cool.
  11. Sean.Cinco

    New DVD - AM/PM

    My friend, Alex, and his friend Jonathan are coming out with a DVD through NYMP. Check out the teaser.. PS - if this is against the rules please feel free to lock. I'm just trying to show support for my friend.
  12. Sean.Cinco

    First open mic night performance

    What's up T11? In about an hour and a half I'll be performing for the first time ever at an open mic night. I'll be doing a segment that I titled "Poetic Sleight of Hand" where I will say Dave Feinberg's "The Square Root of Three" which is the poem that Kumar said at the end of Harold and...
  13. Sean.Cinco

    The Rice Papers by Homer Liwag

    As many of you know, this is Homer's set of notes that he just released on his site. It has three effects (Body Contact, All Fogged Up, and Marksmanship). I'm not going to give a detailed description of the effects since the detailed descriptions are on his website. The instructions that...
  14. Sean.Cinco

    How to do card through car window? It teaches you everything you need to know...'s not what you think.
  15. Sean.Cinco

    Any San Antonio Magicians?

    I'm gonna be in San Antonio for the next two weeks. Anyone wanna meet up? Maybe at JCR?
  16. Sean.Cinco

    Multiplying Billiard Balls

    I just got a set of Fakini Mulitplying Balls and I was wondering what would be a good source to get started with the multiplying balls. Right now I'm studying the stuff that's in Complete Course in Magic, but I'm looking for a book or video that is fully dedicated to the multiplying balls...
  17. Sean.Cinco

    Dan Harlan gets some jail time! Check it out. It even has a mugshot of him.
  18. Sean.Cinco

    Lucky Accidents

    I love it when that happens. Today after Jeff McBride's lecture, I was jamming with some friends and I shot a card up. At the same time I shot the card, one of my friends just so happened to take out his wallet and open it to get some money. Right as he opens it, the card lands inside his...
  19. Sean.Cinco

    Your Inner Child

    "You're just denying your inner child" - Charley Calvin (The Santa Clause) What's up T11, I just got this awesome idea from watching The Santa Clause. Near the end, Charley said the quote above and it got me thinking...back when I was little I used to think up some of the most amazing things...
  20. Sean.Cinco

    Kostya Kimlat's The Roadrunner Cull DVD

    Hi everyone, this weekend I attended the Florida State Magic Convention in Daytona Beach, FL. At the convention, I was able to pick up an advanced copy of Kostya's Roadrunner Cull DVD from Jeff Pierce's booth (the official release date is November 11). This is an excellent DVD. Please take...
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