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    Two Card Twirl tutorial

    So I have a tutorial out for a two card twirl. I hope you enjoy it.
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    Nothing Special Cardistry Tutorial Series

    You are very welcome! Hopefully the tutorials are easy enough to follow though. Drop me some feedback when the first one gets released!
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    Nothing Special Cardistry Tutorial Series

    Hi there, I haven't posted on these forums in a very very long time. I'm putting up a bunch of free cardistry tutorials. You can check out the trailer here. Hopefully you enjoy it! The tutorials will come out other the next couple of Saturdays on my channel...
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    A-Z of Cardistry

    Hi there, check out this video done up by Singaporean Cardistry on the A to Zs of cardistry!
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    Everyday I'm Shuffling

    the cutting of the song wasnt..... un-noticable. which is very important when you want to make a mix as for the moves syncing with the video. watch this
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    you misunderstand me. i did not mean tried and tested methods being tried and tested tricks. I am referring to the road previously taken by magicians wanting to achieve, which involves less attempting to be the new big creator within a few months of starting this wonderful hobby. In addition...
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    is that the original text for this sleight? ive been looking for the exact name of it for a longggggg time!
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    Nameless i believe is one resource where a similar change is made. there are of course, several other variations to your "new colour change" which escape me at present. I hope you've come to the realization that my questioning of this move being new, is...
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    quick question, how is the remotely new?
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    What do you say about this

    its lacking.
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    A question about cold reading

    yes and no. given that body language and psychology is a basis in reality, there is a higher probability of the participant perceiving the reading as more accurate, by association of "reality" however, by using the means of birthdays and astrological signs, to intuit a persons personality or...
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    I kinda want to learn to cull cards...

    i second harapans cullology on vanishing inc. some great beginner advice in it.
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    Is He a Magician?

    cant believe this candlejack thread is still aro...
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    nyeah. all you need for hypnosis is to understand the framework for inductions. everything else is pretty much self taught. experience is key. just out of curiosity, how many hypnotists on here are state/non-state?
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    Smoke idea?

    lulz. you have all that strong material, for a card trick... hahaha are you serious....
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    Not sure what this move is..

    if there were photos, there were ways to alter the photos. just because its from the 1800's doesnt mean it cant be doctored in some way.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Playing Card Commercial

    Hey guys! Lots of great work got submitted, not just mine. I thought LuseifHo's video was pretty boss! Thanks Casey and Zach! Looking forward to getting my cents and wynns. :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Playing Card Commercial well yeah. thats my shot at the prize.
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    afraid of learning one handpopover by a f

    Dooo eeeeet move monkey
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    A reintroduction.

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