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  1. houchini

    What kind of palm do you use the most in the real world ?

    IMO, the nice thing about the gambler's cop is that you can use it as efficiently seated as well as standing, which is not always the case with the other palms... To me when you use the tenkai you have to hold the deck or to turn to your side in order to keep it invisible, otherwise it's really...
  2. houchini

    What kind of palm do you use the most in the real world ?

    Yeah I totally see what you mean by that, at first it completely felt like it would NEVER work, and that I was going to get caught, but after trying it more and more often, at first when it had nothing to do with the trick (thus having less consequences if being seen), I got more confident with...
  3. houchini

    What kind of palm do you use the most in the real world ?

    The side steal is a way to control a card, not to hold a palmed card out of the deck if I'm not mistaking ? Is the DPS a palming technique ? But indeed I forgot to mention the startling palm available and d&d (can't remember the creator's name, sorry :-|
  4. houchini

    What kind of palm do you use the most in the real world ?

    Hi guys ! I always thought that palming a card away from the deck is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal ; it allows you to perform under conditions that would be impossible otherwise, and gives IMO a more "realistic" feel to what you do. The thing is, I just realised recently that...
  5. houchini

    All Street Self Levitation Sucks?

    I don't think that the balducci levitation sucks ! Done right at the right time, and choosing carefully your angles, it's a killer ! But indeed, you can't just levitate if someone asks you to do so...
  6. houchini

    Best Wedding Effect Ever

    Yeah, I'm not sure about this one...It's more like a casual, laid-back trick you do seemingly on the off beat in my opinion... I wouldn't want to close with this, especialy on a paid gig where you want to have control on what is happening...but I might be wrong !
  7. houchini

    Best Wedding Effect Ever

    I suggest "Close contact" by Jay Sankey (Front Row Sankey) or "Do as I think" by Peter Harrison (Magic in the Real World), which are basically the same effect (very strong closing effect) : one spectator shuffles the deck, cuts to a card and remembers it. The deck is passed to another spectator...
  8. houchini

    Anaconda by Bone Ho

    Couldn't disagree more here. I once saw a 3-4 minuts vid of the Virts on youtube, and as many crazy flourishes as they did, the one that REALLY caught my eye and impressed me was the Anaconda. Man, it almost looks like for a split second, the deck becomes liquid or something. And then an instant...
  9. houchini

    Garett Thomas' "Mash Pack" vs. Justin Millers's "Freedom Pack"

    Hi folks ! I saw GT's mash pack a few months ago, and now there's JM's freedom pack coming out... While the premise of both tricks seems to be the same (create instantly a bow around your deck), do you have any opinion on which one to choose ? (without exposing anything). Like, is one more...
  10. houchini

    Need help ASAP!!

    Yep, I aggree with what's been said : 3 tricks per table, no more if you want to entertain as many people as possible in one hour (which is, as you'll see, very whort in fact). On my first paid gig I had a set of 5 tricks with a "mentalist" approach : - Geller (from 100 $ miracles), -...
  11. houchini

    People messing up my tricks :'(

    It can be difficult to perform for people that are close to you, as they allow themselves to do rude things that a stranger would never do to you. In your case, I'd definitely stop performing for her, or when she's around, cause some people just don't like magic and will ruin your performances...
  12. houchini

    Best Non-Gimmicked No Set-Up Card Tricks

    I'd add "Diplopia" by Paul Vigil, awesome, awesome trick with a borrowed, shuffled deck. Not self-working though, you'll have to practice times and times again, but it's definitly worth it !
  13. houchini

    The Score by Daniel Madison

    That's the thing about marked decks : everything is hidden in plain sight. I'm not saying that the score is invisible ; if you were to say that you're using marked cards, 100% of your specs would see the marks, you have to understand this... The second someone suspects modifications on the backs...
  14. houchini

    The Score by Daniel Madison

    This is my review for "the Score", Daniel Madison's new marking system for playing cards. Since I discovered Blood (also by d+M) a few months ago, I've really been into marking systems, which can be considered, in my opinion, as some of the most useful “gimmicks” available to both magicians and...
  15. houchini

    Help me name this card sleight?

    I'd go for the "No Point reveal", because it's neither a control (the card changes) nor a color change (the move doesn't give the illusion that it's the same card that is changing). What is the point of this move man ?
  16. houchini


    I found Jay Sankey's Revolutionnary card magic very useful to learn the one handed top palm, which is a sleight worth learning !
  17. houchini

    Help Please!

    The big question is : what do you have in your repertoire ? Because as it has been said, you shouldn't have to learn new things for the show. Are you rather into funny magic, mentalism, cardsharp kind of things ?
  18. houchini

    Camera Tricks Are OK!

    I'm affraid there is a confusion between camera tricks and special effects here. I've never saw any of Criss Angel's specials as I live in France, and thus I might be wrong, but I believe he doesn't use special effects (I mean use a computer to, let's say, make something vanish). However, he...
  19. houchini

    No Cam Tricks on Mindfreak

    Wow, looks like you REALLY can't stand the guy !!! And still, as you say yourself , you've "watched pretty much every episode". He's that good !
  20. houchini

    3-Gone Jinn by Michael Kras

    I found it very nice !!! The idea of the coins travelling to the breast-pocket is indeed a great one ^^
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