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  1. byu

    Help with Pass

    WARNING: Amateur Magician is posting this thread. If you don't want to watch a video of someone with a pass that is completely non-covered, leave this thread now. OK, so I've been doing the pass for a couple months now, at least 800 a day, and I've been stuck on concealment. So I made a...
  2. byu

    Shifty by Chris Kenner

    I'm interested in buying Shifty by Chris Kenner, unfortunately they don't take PayPal on the Theory11 website, and that's the only way I can pay. Is there any other place I can get Chris Kenner's video of Shifty that accepts PayPal. Thanks.
  3. byu

    Chicago Opener Battle Faust v. byu

    It looks like Faust wins. Well, it was fun performing anyway. At least I improved a lot, thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  4. byu

    Tiny Chat

    I'm going to be there for about another hour, join me:
  5. byu

    Shipping Cost

    Oh, that's good to know. Thanks.
  6. byu

    Restaurant Magic -- HELP

    So if I'm 12 and have no permit/license of any sort, I could legally be allowed to work at a restaurant and perform magic? That's amazing. I need to do this.
  7. byu

    Shipping Cost

    I'm considering buying a new pack of cards from T11. Is there a shipping charge? It doesn't say...
  8. byu

    Tiny Chat

    Chat with me, click on the link below: Or the one in my signature.
  9. byu

    Restaurant Magic -- HELP

    Two questions: do you need a permit/liscence to do resaurant magic? Is there an age restriction to do restaurant magic?
  10. byu

    Gimmick or No Gimmick?

    Regarding tricks (mainly cards) with gimmicks, I ask a simple question: why? Doesn't it defeat the purpose of sleight of hand? If gimmicks were in every trick, there would be no challenge. A trick would not require sleight of hand. Magic should not require these gimmicks. If someone hands you a...
  11. byu

    Impromptu Haunted Deck

    I disagree. Say you're on stage performing Haunted. The immediate suspicion, as I got from reactions today, is string. Spectators may be able to see the string, or question you about it and ask to handle the card (depends on audience size). Much cleaner to do it impromptu.
  12. byu

    Impromptu Haunted Deck

    Extremely well put. This goes into my signature, it's so great. I 100% agree with you. With cards, there's no reason to have a trick deck. I'm actually trying to come up with a non-gimmicked version of the PANIC card trick by Aaron Fisher (and I won't listen to anyone who tells me it's not...
  13. byu

    Practice on Family?

    My family completely understands now, especially my dad. You could not do a riffle force on him and get away with it, since I do it so much. And by the time my pass is concealed pretty good, he'll be the only one who can see right through it.
  14. byu

    Your deck of cards ?

    List of cards: Blue Bikes Red Bikes Airplane cards I got on a 16 hour flight (don't use these)
  15. byu

    Chicago Opener Battle Faust v. byu

    Nice job Faust, although the video seems to be taking a long time to load, maybe it's just my computer. I don't think I did very well... my double lift is bad. Also please take the time to subscribe to my channel. Thanks.
  16. byu

    Practicing the Cardini Change

    Suggestions please! Also, please subscribe:
  17. byu

    Accomplishment Thread

    I came up with an original Impromptu Haunted Deck trick. I admit, it's not very good, but at least I figured out how to do it. Viewable on my YouTube channel: Also, please subscribe to my Channel!
  18. byu

    YouTube Collaboration!

    Nice, want to come up with a neat name? I can't think of any good ones (that aren't already taken).
  19. byu

    Advice For People Wanting to Busk (Street Performances.)

    I think it's best to just get a permit. But how far does this go? Does this mean that we're not allowed to just walk down the street and talk to someone, and then show them some magic unless we have a permit?
  20. byu

    YouTube Collaboration!

    I think we should have a YouTube collaboration account. You don't have to be really good at magic to join, just a few people (no more than 10) to join in and help out in this collaboration. Basically, post a video for it every now and then. So far, the people interested are: byu If you're...
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