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  1. dananddave

    Fulton's Clip Joint Playing Cards (Dan and Dave)

    @Hawk-Eye, Fulton's Clip Joint playing cards were printed on the USPCC's web press to the highest of standards. Every deck of Clips we've opened has handled exceptionally well. It's also hard to imagine them feeling "flimsy and weak" as they are on the stiffer side of anything we've produced...
  2. dananddave

    D&D Website Warning

    S.G., Did you change the wording of the text because according to what I see (all along) this is what google says, What is the current listing status for This site is not currently listed as suspicious. Nothing is wrong with the site, the error message will be removed shortly...
  3. dananddave

    D&D Website Warning

    The folks at Google just don't seem to like us very much. First our YouTube and now this. :) We assure you that there is nothing wrong with our site and the problem was simply an oversight by google. The warning message will be removed momentarily. Cheers, Dan
  4. dananddave

    Magic Con 2012 speakers

    Our 2012 lineup in shaping up to be nothing but astounding. We will be updating the site shortly. Cheers, Dan
  5. dananddave

    Dan & Dave Flourishes

    We feel that when trying to learn flourishes ourselves any verbal speaking just gets in the way and confuses matters even more.
  6. dananddave

    Uzumaki by Dan and Dave Buck: My Routine

    The effect is not that the deck turns face up but rather that the card travels back down to the bottom. I go over the presentation of the effect in the tutorial, Cheers, Dan
  7. dananddave

    Uzumaki by Dan and Dave Buck: My Routine

    Nice routine. When doing Uzumaki make sure to keep your left thumb in contact with the left side of the deck. Doing this will make the move look like less like a move and a lot more like magic. Cheers, Dan
  8. dananddave


    I'm really confused as to why anyone would be disappointed with the "re-release" of FA as Uzumaki when very few people even know what FA is/was. You should be thankful that you were able to learn FA long before anyone else even knew about it. We taught it at our lectures and put in on our...
  9. dananddave

    Daniel Garcia Project vol 4-6 Trailer!

    The trailer is now available to watch, again. We personally invite all of you to experience the magic on The Daniel Garcia Project, vol. 4-6. It’s been a long journey editing this project for the past year, but the outcome is definitely something to behold. Daniel Garcia is one of the most...
  10. dananddave

    Saturday Night Contest - The "Art" of Magic

    Congratulations AceHoudin and thanks for thinking of us! The portrait turned out quite nice.
  11. dananddave

    Daniel Garcia Project vol 4-6 Trailer!

    The trailer was accidentally posted for a short while today. How you guys found it so quickly is beyond me. :) Stay tuned for the "official" release at Cheers, dan
  12. dananddave

    Expert at the Card Table
  13. dananddave


    The STATIC DVD comes with enough gimmicks to last well over 100 performances so I'm a little confused with what you're asking. Further, you can buy refills for $11.95 at
  14. dananddave

    Saturday Night Contest - A FREE Trip To Magic-Con 2010

    Phew! Just went through all the submissions. Thank you everyone who entered - especially those who really took the time to think about their submission. I will discuss with JB tomorrow and we will decide a winner. Thank you for being patient. Dave
  15. dananddave

    Saturday Night Contest - The Lucky Magic Lotto

    Does this mean there are two winners?
  16. dananddave

    Saturday Night Contest - The Lucky Magic Lotto

    This contest is to easy! The 7♥
  17. dananddave

    Saturday Night Contest - The Dan and Dave Video Challenge

    First off, thank you everyone for wishing us a Happy Birthday and participating in this little contest. So now that we're old I guess it makes sense to be judging your skills - which is what we have been doing the past hour. It's crazy how quickly you guys can put these together. We didn't...
  18. dananddave

    Salvador Sufrate?

    Salvador Sufrate is a professional magician from Argentina who originally published the change in "The Magic of the La Plata Magic Center, Vol.2" in 2002. Later David Jade independently came up with the change and called it Cartier, which is what you see on our website. In those same notes...
  19. dananddave

    MAGIC☆CON :: 2nd Podcast + Registration Details - 09/29/09

    I received an email from John Lovick requesting we post the following:
  20. dananddave

    MAGIC☆CON :: 2nd Podcast + Registration Details - 09/29/09

    Certainly not all Lovick's reviews "nitpick" the way you describe. You have to consider the volume of DVDs he receives each month and to follow a template just writing about the effect would get quite boring for the reader - especially since so many effects in magic are similar, if not, the...
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