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    What happened to magicians?

    I really agree Copperfield14 But remember, this makes the more creative and original magicians stand out...
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    In my opinion one of the prettiest color changes

    To me, the method was just plain obvious.
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    On going Ellusionist/Theory11 comparisons

    Steerpike, the only thing have done in this thread is whining about how people should stop giving thier own thoughts about E and t11. If someone hates E, there is no way you can stop them, and acting like a seven-year-old certainly won't make it any better.
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    On going Ellusionist/Theory11 comparisons

    Look at the SNC, the Cerca Trova forum and the media section What does these things bring to the magic community? They bring magicians together and help them share ideas. Make them do fun things and show different sides of themselves. Look at the 1o1 videos, the news page and all the...
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    David Blaine is an independent film; Criss Angel is Hollywood

    When was the last time a magician vanished something? When was the last time a magician held his breath for 16 minutes and 32 seconds? ps: not trying to be a fanboy either, so so you know :D
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    David Blaine is an independent film; Criss Angel is Hollywood

    Non of these movies were independent :p But back on topic: I can't really see the point of discussing this. David Blaine does things that has never EVER been done before, Chris Angel does ordinary magic. I don't think you have to come up with some kind of movie-metaphor to make people...
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    Do you believe in real magic?

    I second that
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    Split Spades - The Lions | Favorite Color?

    They look healthy to me...
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    How long do Brown Wynn's last...

    Jeez... For me, they last about one month (wynns). Normal bikes would last two weeks. as easy as that :p
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    Jerry Nugget's

    Make sense?
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    This Is Art

    That didn't make any sense at all...
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    Silver Nuggets

    DUDE! They went for like $232!
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    Brown Wynns not good for XCM?

    Theory11 said that these decks were the closest thing they had ever felt to a deck of Jerrys. Two of the people who said this was Dan and Dave Buck. They have used Jerryes since the evening before the dawn of man - in other words: They know what they're talking about. From what I've heard...
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    Casino Royale Cards

    I have tryed them. These cards are made by Carta Mundi. They make custeom cards for movies, bands, magazines - you name it... Carta Mundi cards are known for being very stiff. Personally, I don't like how they feel - they don't last very long either.
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    Special Announcement : Wynn Decks - Limited Supply Released

    They will be stop selling them within the next week.
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    Wynn Stock Type?
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    Wynn Stock Type?

    Because at E, we learn that E decks are the best decks in the world, and we'we never heard of decks like Bees, Jerrys etc. E is working on a new deck right now, with not only ultra thick "casino" stock, but ultra, ultra thickX2 stock (UV1000), making the deck double as thick as a normal Bicycle...
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    Special Announcement : Wynn Decks - Limited Supply Released

    YAH! I got a brick of them!!! Now I just want to sleep...6 am in the morning over here!
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    Customer Account

    Is it possible to make a customer account without placing an order?
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    Anyone Ever Felt Like a Loser?

    If you look away from the fact that I am the coolest person at school, then no.
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