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  1. canadamagic

    Bottom Deal and Multiple Shift

    I feel that whenever performing for a camera it is not always ideal to be so close to it, now I'm not saying be 5 feet back but I would not chose to have the camera as close as in this video. Likewise the angle chosen during the mutiple shift, in my opinion, is very revealing. So in the sense of...
  2. canadamagic

    Miracle Magic days

    I recognize the slight of hand technique used here and the beauty of this move is that it can be done more slowley without reveal. I would recomend that you slow things down a bit to avoid looking odd
  3. canadamagic

    Edge: Setting The Record Straight

    Always nice to see those that can promote credit to where it is due! Largely package kudos to you sir!
  4. canadamagic

    A Special Prediction ?

    @ TylerRouss- gonna go ahead and 100% dissagree with you. First off he didn't question how many alternatives to his effect you claim to know so there's no point in trying to pump your tires up there Second it's rather close minded and absolutely false to promote the idea of never dealing out...
  5. canadamagic

    Twisting the Queens

    I think that the patter is alright and plays along with the effect however could you some touching up, the execution is well practiced and smooth. However there is a flash, as you've already stated. I feel that if every there is a flash in a video you should completely re-film it because with...
  6. canadamagic

    difficult sleights

    I disagree with this as these are shuffles, not slights. Generally difficulty comes with what a person is exceptinal at. Some finds specific slights easier while others find the near impossible. In my oppinion Hand Mucking as well as the S.W.E shift are the most difficult in my opinion. Both...
  7. canadamagic

    Pen production? Scribble here at T11 is one I use all of the time. Maybe it might suit your needs? As well as End-For-End by Michael Feldman is a great one on D&D's site!
  8. canadamagic

    Original Effects

    Like the others said the popout production was gorgeous at the start, everything looked very smooth and unique to your performance style. The only issue I would have would be the flourish at 0:15 could have used a little more practice, to me I feel that in order for the video to sustain the...
  9. canadamagic

    Custom Playing Cards

    This is very true, while performing for an audience most of the time spectators are already suspicous enough as it is. No need to throw in any reason for them to prod more. Things such as exotic decks are a huge push on thinking they are gaffed. Don't get me wrong I love the designs that...
  10. canadamagic

    New Release: Vertigo by Rick Lax

    This is a very good looking effect and I'm sure pulls in some great results. This just looks very similar to a concept that Mathieu Bich came up with a while back called Counter Weight, it looks to me like the same idea but instead of on the edge of a hand, the edge of a box or deck of cards. I...
  11. canadamagic

    Subtle One-Way Face Design in Ask Alexander Cards!
  12. canadamagic

    Ideas Please for a Gig.

    In a situation like yours walk around magic is going to need to be very diverse. I would look at things beyond card magic as well, I would recommend Smoke first and foremost, other things other than card magic that you can walk around with
  13. canadamagic

    Dana Hocking?

    Send Wayne a pm or email asking about it
  14. canadamagic

    Straight deck - 1st deck design.

    Gonna also have to say I don't like them either. I like the idea of being out of the box and being different than other playing cards. But to me this deck feels like it's caught between Tim Burton and his rugged look and a kids drawing. Please don't get me wrong I'm by all means not trying to...
  15. canadamagic

    Part of theory11 team?

    Shoot one of the mods or JB a PM!
  16. canadamagic

    I could use some quick advise

    Usually this happens with excessive heat exposure. I remember I left a deck in my dashboard at the beach and they were so warped I could not use them, brand new deck wrecked. The thing to fix this would be to try carrying them less if your pocket, maybe a bag or if you have looser pants the back...
  17. canadamagic

    Aether Cards & The Vortex Deck

    Who do you think you are to go talking to people like this? The forums here are much different than others in that the people here make the effort to support each other, and if someone disagrees with another than they have all the right to. But not so dramatically. I love it when a person goes...
  18. canadamagic

    SEASONS Playing Cards - Feedback Requested

    Those are gorgeous! I would pick up several of those in a heartbeat! I like both the white and black, I'm sure they could each be used for different purposes; ie. manipulation, effects. I love'em!
  19. canadamagic

    Artifice v2? Really?

    Exactly, T11 just realeased a V2 for their Guardians and D&D have nurmorous versions of their Smoke and Mirrors, each is different, but still inovative. Comparing these sites are like apples to oranges, they may have similar marketing techniques, but are very different
  20. canadamagic

    Draven Reflects upon the Wire.

    I agree with almost all of these points, obviously 40% is a pretty decent kick in the pants, but for me at least, I would put my stuff out there for higher than that. I think that the idea of the.Wire is to promote new magicians, not to make people a quick buck. In my opinion getting paid would...
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