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  1. Spanker

    Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

    Let's go Red: Jack of Clubs White: 5 Hearts Blue: Joker Red: 4 of Clubs White: 10 of Hearts Blue: 2 of Hearts
  2. Spanker

    URGENT - Working for a Magic Coffee Company

    They contacted just contacted me yesterday, dont really want a magic show. They want to offer souvenirs to people but not just in a regular way. So they came up with that idea. I cant be doing long routines because I will be working at 2AM and need to do fast things to drunk people xD
  3. Spanker

    URGENT - Working for a Magic Coffee Company

    Hello guys. A cofee company wants to hire me to do some magic to promote their brand. But they want me to do a think that I think doesn't exist. The want me to do 3 cup monte, with their cups and one capsule. I think they are confusing it with 3 card monte. (They are mixing 3card monte and cups...
  4. Spanker

    Saturday Night Contest - Read Calen's Mind!

    1. Raccoon 2. Mosquito 3. Salmon
  5. Spanker

    Saturday Night Contest - Match 'Em Up!

    1. He was born with a black eye and every once in a while his eye closes unintentionally. Calen Morelli 2. He once bought a piece of toast without the image of Jesus on it for $50.00. Mike Hankins 3. His nickname is Momo. Chris Mayhew 4. He has a fish name Paul Vigil. Blake Vogt 5...
  6. Spanker

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Luis de Matos (posted)

    Can we go to the EMC facilities to meet the speakers personaly ? Is this going to help Portugal in anyway ? Are you expecting more people than the last year ?
  7. Spanker

    Saturday Night Contest - Mother's Day Magic!

    Oh! Thank you guys. I really wasn't expecting that :) Happy Mothers Day everybody.
  8. Spanker

    Saturday Night Contest - Mother's Day Magic!

    Oh yeah. I wanted to put it unlisted. I always do the same.... It's now operational. Thank you for letting me know that :) I was just now leaving
  9. Spanker

    Saturday Night Contest - Mother's Day Magic! Here it is mine. Just a simple thing, to amuse her. Any fancy editing, video straight from them cam.
  10. Spanker

    Music for Video

    Just use the music that fits you the best. Each video has his own music. The possibilities are endless. Just pick the best one. If there isn't make it
  11. Spanker

    New video

    You should focus on everything. Editing and move were nothing special. Try filming it in multiple angles, and change the lights position so you could get nicer images
  12. Spanker

    Video Editing

    I do it, because I really hate seeing bad produced videos. No Light, no style. Just a plain trick is boring. Really boring, unless you do it for people and get an amazing reaction. But with a nice lighted, good quality, edited video is much more watchable. And spending money one magic means...
  13. Spanker

    Video Editing

    Yup. That was done in Post Production. I tried to do it tilt shift like, I it was worthless. But I liked the look of it, so I just kept the blur. I'm using this small clips to try this things
  14. Spanker

    Video Editing

    If you just wanna do Editing, I really recomend you to get Sony Vegas. Download the trial, or buy it. It is really awesome. You will need to learn how to work with it. But is quite easy to do basic stuff. I did this whole video using only my Canon 550D and Sony Vegas...
  15. Spanker

    Magic on YouTube

    Dont say that man. You have accent, and what ? Theres no problem with that. Dont apologise for those things
  16. Spanker

    Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Magic!

    oh :( Merry Christmas guys and re-tabed, enjoy your V4s, maybe you could sell me one :) I worked my ass up in this just for them, but it wasn't enought. Congrats
  17. Spanker

    Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Magic!

    Christmas is all about magic. We dont need to do magic to represent Christmas, because Christmas is Magic. My video is about Xmas, magic and some humour. The tricks are not awesome. I really could do them a little better. The cookie and iPhone videos were created today just for the video. And...
  18. Spanker

    Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Magic!

    Video Uploaded Here it is my video. I uploaded it in bad quality so it could be here before the final hour, hope you guys like it. And Merry Christmas for everyone. Video Deleted (PS: Bad quality one) 720p HD is being rendered and will be uploaded in an hour aprox.. Edit: Here it is...
  19. Spanker

    Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Magic!

    Uploading Hello guy. My video is being uploaded, but because it's 5min long and 1Gb Big. It will take a lot of time to upload. Vimeo doesn't accept it, and youtube says 65mins left... Is there any time window so we can post it here ?
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