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    Saturday Night Contest - Finish This Flourish

    so nick, howd u like ur boi pj renn getting owned tonite
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    Sentinels, Thoughts?

    Dark tone red and blue wouldn't look too shabby.
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    Colorblind and CoinOne

    Just wanted to say it shouldn't matter which coins he uses for this trick. As long as he has the gimmick that goes with the coin he is planning to use.
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    Restless by Dan Hauss

    Hahahaha. I've only read the first page, and this so ridiculous. Dan Hauss doesn't even have a good rep in the magic community, yet he is being praised as the next "Creative God" by people who aren't even credible enough or the have status to call him that. So the guy who reviews it doesn't...
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    t11.bulletin - New Site Launched + New Products

    Am I the only person who thinks the Sentinels cards will look A LOT better if the color were red/blue? I think the concept of the back design is neat, but why make it black again? It degrades it in my opinion.
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    Bobo's Modern Coin Magic Old or New

    If you seriously want to study Bobo, get Bobo's MODERN Coin magic, which ironically enough is not the new one at all. The "new" Bobo (which again, is actually titled Modern) is the original copy of the book (in pages) and the Dover publication cut off the pages due to some reason. The Dover...
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    BlacklineMagic Forums

    Excited that a forum opened up? Deja vu?!?!?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Show Us What You Love

    Damnit. This thing is already over.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Show Us What You Love

    edit: didn't feel like wasting your time :)
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    My Mcdonald's Aces - What Do You Think?

    I've been also interested in the McDonald's a lot lately. Here is what I have to say to your video. First of all... I honestly found it boring because there was no presentation to the effect(sorry but didn't see the whole video because I knew what I was going to expect). Second, all you did...
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    Rare gold bordered ghost cards

    Sounds interesting about the guy actually producing his own cards. ...And I don't see how your 3rd paragraph is relevant to any of this besides you trying to brag about how much money you have to bombard on cards.
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    Hey guys. I created a new change that uses the mechanics of the Houdini/Erdnase Change by just changing up the speed a little bit and my pink is at the back of the deck like a straddle grip.
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    REVIEW: Diagonal Palm Shift (1-on-1)

    I honestly don't care if it's Jason England teaching the move. He won't make my progress on the sleight any faster. I would rather just learn from trial and error/experiment by myself by just reading the copy of Erdnase I got for 7 bucks. 3 dollars LESS than the 1on1 where not only do I get to...
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    Welcome to 6 months ago.
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    T.V. Transpo / Cardini Change

    Yeah. Real men don't do retakes.
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    Piece of advise on cheating

    If you want to learn some cheating sleights... just to warn you it's a lot more difficult than card magic/tricks. You have to be really dedicated in the thing to actually improve. I myself... don't have that and it's not doing as good as it was when I first started card tricks. So be prepared...
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    New 1-on-1 Release : The Biddle Trick

    Obviously you're just finding a way to attack me. Sorry to say this and I'm not trying to offend you in any way... but isn't it damn obvious that I'm and most here are referring to other people who does magic?
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