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  1. seymourmagic

    New Server :: More Horsepower : Faster Theory11

    Who the **** is us? :confused: Since when the hell do you pay for anything around here?
  2. seymourmagic

    LOLWUT? Why would I be banned? I haven't even posted in forever.

    LOLWUT? Why would I be banned? I haven't even posted in forever.
  3. seymourmagic

    ReviewXCM presents Theory11 deck review

    Your booty just got saved, sir. Trash, I love you. :P
  4. seymourmagic

    Linking to theory11

    It's nothing bad, just a little weird thing I found. Not going to hurt anyone.
  5. seymourmagic

    More on Joel Paschall's Believe

    I am not meaning to spam, but I actually do care to ask when they came up with this. I had the same idea about a year ago. Same everything, and if they came up with this before, I do care to say "Great minds think alike. Nice idea :P" Anyways, peace! Dylan
  6. seymourmagic

    Linking to theory11

    In my fit of rage of finding out T11 has an artists that actually created a trick with the exact thing (effect: beLIEve), I found out something. If you post a link about a bazillion times repetitively, the link still works...
  7. seymourmagic

    Saturday Night Contest : A Dangerous Caption

    dplusm: :O Dana:XD
  8. seymourmagic

    Saturday Night Contest : A Dangerous Caption

    1. "Why? That's all I have to say." 2. "UH WAH?! DaNA HapPy For Da Cards!?" 3. "Pepto Bismol does more than you tink."
  9. seymourmagic

    Tivo Transpo Performance

    David, that was classic :). And that really was an awesome performance of tivo!
  10. seymourmagic

    One Among Eleven : Image Submissions

    Here is my entry. I wish I had photoshop :(.
  11. seymourmagic

    Where you at?

    I an Dylan Seymour, 13 years old, and in San Diego Beaches area.
  12. seymourmagic

    Control Release Party

    For once, So Cal stinks :P.
  13. seymourmagic

    Your thoughts about a forum

    I saw that site before I was a full on magician. The questions are about magic basics.
  14. seymourmagic

    For Those in School

    I am in Junior High, and go to an advanced school. I can brag, but choose not to. I leave that to my parents :rolleyes:. Yes. School is important. If you want to make anything of yourself, some point in your life (hopefully before your 40s,) you want an education. So that text book you are...
  15. seymourmagic

    An Idea I Would Like Help With

    Because I want tea :).
  16. seymourmagic

    Merry Christmas Thread!

    I got nothing *sob ssssssooooooobbbbbbbbb* :eek:
  17. seymourmagic

    Bicycle Guardians

    Erm... WOOHOO!! Faulty logic in the world is awful. Thats why I hate stupid people :D.
  18. seymourmagic

    Does anybody know this Ace Production?

    I beleive its a modified Rev O Lation.
  19. seymourmagic


    Yeah, I am talking about the hacky sack. I just got it down. A new deck does work a lot better. Bare foot is the way to go for me.
  20. seymourmagic

    Free deck of Bicycle cards from USPCC...

    About how long does it take to ship? I have like no cards right now, gave them al away at school performances for XMas.
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