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  1. Normkonform

    Looking for a Challenge

    Hey, I'm looking for a challenge, I don't care about the topic, no matter , cardistry magic. looking forward to the battle : )
  2. Normkonform

    2 Card Monte: A lesson in simplicity, and showmanship

    last year I also reached the point I just felt that my old tricks got bigger reactins than some tricks I practised for months. and then I knew that I don't do magic for other magicians. I'm doing it for my audience. so I went to my cupboard with my dvds on it and just learnd my complet old stuff...
  3. Normkonform

    Problem with the cardistry community...

    lol such a threat on T11 :D I think the rating system is overrated :D do your stuff. and if you like it post it anywhere do so. some times you'll get bashed, and sometimes you'll get good feed back, but just take your time for making a video. I also made some videos sometime ago, but because...
  4. Normkonform

    June 2009 :: How deep should the rabbit hole go?

    In my years (not a very long time but it sounds nice to me to write these words :D) of doing magic I never talked about somethin mysterious. I let my audience decide what they think it is......but it's kinda hardcore if somebody just smiles to you and doesn't clap because he thinks its just a...
  5. Normkonform

    Voting Open: Freestyle

    ahhh okay i got it :D ohh just by the way I'm doing magic quite longer than flourishing.
  6. Normkonform

    Voting Open: Freestyle

    Sorry for my bad english, but can you explain the word crotch shots? and thank you for the good feed back to my video^^
  7. Normkonform

    Voting Open: Freestyle

    Yes I understood your point, but I think different. But I think we should stop discussing here before it gets too OT.:D so enjoy our videos......And don't forget my free virtual hug ;)
  8. Normkonform

    Voting Open: Freestyle

    yea I just looked a little closer at this story and deleted it from my post. I'm sorry for this , but now idlike to know what do you think is the goal of the battle area. and please forget what I said earlier.
  9. Normkonform

    Voting Open: Freestyle

    Hey guys! Get down please. That's why I usually dislike battles. Cardistry isn't something to fight with or to defend your honor.....we all should enjoy our wonderfull hobby. Please don't tell XCMentalist that his video is bad, just tell him what do you think he should improve, to help him on...
  10. Normkonform

    Cerca Trova Ideas

    What do you think about: Restaurant magic. I think it's a very intresting topic, for magicians.
  11. Normkonform

    Voting Open: Freestyle

    Hey guys. This is my very first post :D The battle between XCMentalist and me is now ready to vote, so please decide who's the better artist of us. sorry for my bad English. Thanks to everybody for voting :) (You'll get a free virtual hug if you vote for me ;) )
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