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    New Releases Tonight at 11?

    I think I know what t&r Blake is releasing so I hope thats one!
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    Linking Cigarette

    If I get it I will probably do it at snack or lunchtime at school onl with pretzel sticks......Now thats organic magic!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Match That Deck!

    A is League 1893 B is Bee 200 C is Bee 203 D is Pneumatic E is Cyclist F is Motor No 1 and G is New Fan 1894
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    Go to effect?

    The trick I find myself doing the most is Palm Reader Plus by John Gustaferro, I do a lot of his stuff because of hoe practical it is.
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    Has this ever happen to you guys?

    and this is the reason I only bring bikes to school
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    Fake Dresscode Exposure Video

    You could do a parody of Control 2.0, that would be good. Blake
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    Question regarding Calen Morelli's Function 9 Dvd

    it is up for preorder, it will ship out in a few weeks
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    Tough Day...

    I m so sorry to hear about this, I will keep herin my prayers
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    Question on Smoke

    they supply you with a bunch of refills, and together they can go up to about 1,000 uses
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    Calen Morelli's hat?

    He told me he got it custom made at lids, but I dont know if he would want his look copied
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    Tough Time for a Young Fellow Magician

    I NEVER KNEW, Eddie is a great friend of mine and I will be sure to donate. It is the least I could due for him after him always sharing his tricks and ideas with me
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    Local Magic Shops

    I am 10 minutes away from one thats sells stuff from everywhere and I am attending a lecture there soon
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    Daniel Garcia Projects 4-6

    I just bought them on dan and dave and I am getting his pdf for FREE
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    A Tribute To Calen Morelli...

    I cant agree enough
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    Saturday Night Roundtable :: Calen Morelli

    When you do your blog you some how make all of your tricks creative, is there ever a time where you run out of ideas and have to put somthing you don't pesonally like on the site?
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    Magic-Con 2011

    I went last year Im going this year
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    5 Sleights for the Rest of Your Life

    Double Lift Clipshift Startling Palm Riffle Pass Ambitious Riser
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    First Real People Performances of SMOKE

    I am thinking of getting it, is the gimmick sturdy enough to take to school without destroying it, and during class, where do you keep it
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