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  1. Vinnie C.

    Welcome to theory11, card artists!

    Welcome! :) Best, Vince
  2. Vinnie C.

    Beginner Cardistry Question - Deck Types

    For practice: Bicycle Poker-sized Rider Backs. They're cheap, and good practice cards. For performing or if you have some cash to spare for better practice cards: Tally-Ho. Circle back or fan back, all up to your preference. You can get a decent price on Tally Ho's on eBay sometimes. Best, Vince
  3. Vinnie C.

    Heading to Las Vegas,

    Wow - now that's a blast from the past! How the hell are ya? Unfortunately I can't recommend anything in particular as Vegas is concerned, only having been to the place twice for very short trips. But I hope you have a good time! Nice to see a familiar name. :) Best, Vince
  4. Vinnie C.

    The proper pathways to a good cardistry future

    Stopping in for a little bit - hi everyone! I've been flourishing since the early 2000's, and am predominantly a flourish artist when it comes to dexterous performance arts (I do magic, and enjoy the hell out of it, but flourishing will always call me back.) Further, my professional background...
  5. Vinnie C.

    THE first video that inspired you

    A David Blaine special got me into magic, an Ellusionist commercial during the special brought me to their site. Early Brad Christian DVDs taught me the basics and introduced me to flourishing, then the De'vo Cradle to Grave demo brought me to Handlordz... Etc. :) Vince
  6. Vinnie C.

    Cardistry as a Career?

    Short answer is yes, flourishing can absolutely be a career, but not in the same way magic would be. More than likely a distinct minority of your income as a flourisher would come from performing - unless you had assembled a highly layperson-entertaining sort of act. Money would come primarily...
  7. Vinnie C.

    Your favorite flourish of all

    Good question, mate. I only recently came back after a four-year hiatus from the online communities, so I haven't been here for some of the more recent changes. As you can tell, a lot happened in that time. The online flourishing community comes across as a little bit post-apocalyptic right...
  8. Vinnie C.

    Thumb cut problem

    Go check out the size of Lee Asher's hands, and I think you'll see that no one needs bridge sized cards, unless they are perhaps very young and thus still growing. I believe in challenging yourself and overcoming barriers. Got small hands? Practice even harder and you may wind up even more...
  9. Vinnie C.

    hand cream?

    I have hands that self-moisten pretty easily (there's no way to say that that isn't a little weird), so I don't tend to have that problem. My best recommendation is this: 1. Moisturize your hands every night. This will keep them a bit more moisturized throughout the day, and may help. 2. If...
  10. Vinnie C.

    Fanning completely even

    One of the things that makes a good fan look so good is evenness. So yes, while the fan doesn't have to be the best fan to ever grace this earth, it should be smooth and evenly spaced to be a fully successful fan. Let me know when your Skype is set up. I can't speak for what Andrei teaches on...
  11. Vinnie C.

    The essentials of Cardistry

    The best resource I can recommend, for its thoroughness and quantity of moves, is Xtreme Beginnerz Vol 1. by De'vo. I've heard good things about Genesis, but haven't seen it. Best, Vince
  12. Vinnie C.

    any music links for flourishing ?

    I don't have any recommendations for music to use in videos, but if you're looking for music to jam to, check out my Grooveshark playlist. It's all the music I tend to listen to, and has a lot of upbeat fast-paced stuff. Search Grooveshark for "VinceCaso". Best, Vince
  13. Vinnie C.

    Thumb cut problem

    I agree that they can help get you used to the movements, I'm only saying don't get too used to them - it sounds like we agree here. Personally, I often practice moves, tricky or not, with Jack Daniel's extra large decks. Once I've worked on a move for a while with those, going back to poker...
  14. Vinnie C.

    Thumb cut problem

    I wouldn't recommend using bridge size cards, it could end up being a crutch more than anything else. The thumb cut can be tricky, and it definitely requires a bit of a stretch, even for experienced card handlers. I haven't seen Genesis, but what you said about "dropping" the packet doesn't...
  15. Vinnie C.

    Fanning completely even

    If you have Skype I'd be happy to take a look at your technique and help you out. Best, Vince
  16. Vinnie C.

    Your favorite flourish of all

    The Heaven Display is a very under-appreciated move. You don't see it much nowadays, and it has great variability. Best, Vince
  17. Vinnie C.

    Your favorite flourish of all

    Who cares? It's not a date-specific line of discussion nor a finite topic, it's a "favorite flourish" thread. If someone has a flourish to contribute, they are free to do so regardless of when the thread was posted. With the near-complete lack of activity in this forum's Cardistry section, I...
  18. Vinnie C.

    Xtreme Beginners Advice

    Hey SVK2, Unfortunately the folks who made Xtreme Beginnerz are not on this forum, but I'll be happy to help you out. To start, I would recommend that you take a brief overview of the various sections of the DVD to figure out the areas you would enjoy focusing on first. From there, choose just...
  19. Vinnie C.

    New to Cardistry? You've Come to The Right Place!

    Hi Tommy, I'd recommend the DVD "Xtreme Beginnerz" by De'vo. It covers the widest range of fundamental and basic moves of any training resource out there, and teaches you how to do the moves with lots of detail. Everything from fans, springs, card throwing, one-handed cuts, two-handed cuts...
  20. Vinnie C.

    Anaconda DVD

    I'd say it's certainly not worthless, but you probably can't expect a high price for it, especially since the DVD was considered to be a little underwhelming upon its release. Try selling it on one of the forums and / or eBay. You may find a buyer. Best, Vince
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