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    I Need A Tagline... Any Ideas?

    Well i came up with Close Up magic for all occasion, and Witness the magic, Magic that will Fry your brains (that was a realy bad one), Stunning, Visual Magic for All, there were a few more but i forgot them
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    I Need A Tagline... Any Ideas?

    i know its not but it suits a teenager though :)
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    I Need A Tagline... Any Ideas?

    Hey guys im kind of stuck. I need a good and catchy tag line for myself to put after Mind Xplosion Magic, most of the things i came up with arent really professional. i could really use suggestions Thanks, DF
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    I put this together for school...

    Pressure was very very clean good job with that. Card to Shoe was good to, but the last effect wasn't shown to its full extent so i cant really comment on it im guessing it was a card switch? but overall it was well edited as usual and the effects were performed flawlessly
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    Unveil - A New Effect

    I like the idea behind the effect its just that you dont show the back of the box that bugs me you said it can be done with -Borrowed Deck -Borrowed Cards And that the BOX and cards are inspecitible so may i suggest you do another demo video but do it how you would to a spectator because...
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    Talent Show 2010

    Hey guys, so ive got a talent show audition in around middle of march any suggesstions on what i should do? i am a little bit experienced in stage magic i own an appearing cane couple silks, a silk box, an infinite rose, and a set of multi. Balls. Do you guys have any suggestions on what i...
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    WH Transpo | Justin Miller

    The levitation wasnt edited out, its just the static levitation from DG i hope JM gave DG credit. Other than that its a pretty basic transpo
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    DGP Vol.2 Scatter

    I can find the pdf for scatter on the DVD i searched EVERYWHERE and i cant find it, can anybody send the pdf to me or something because i really like this effect and want to perform it thanks Darkfire2765
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    Card Manip. Problem

    Hey guys, So my problem is that my hand is cupped when i backpalm the cards and apparently it seems bad but i dont know im used to it, any tips on getting rid of this bad habit? Thanks for the future responses :p DF
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    The Virts and Anaconda...

    I dont think you've considered its ONLY 4 guys running this entire thing. obviously customer service is gunna suck and if you just paid the $10 you wouldnt be in this mess Everyone who got an error in their transaction is upset. WE GET IT! Doesnt mean you have to say stuff like that. Just...
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    Hey Jansen, We really should jam soon Billy

    Hey Jansen, We really should jam soon Billy
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    USPCC done printing Arrco, Squeezers, Steamboats, etc.

    What i also heard was that the USPCC has a new owner and he refuses to make any gaffs, or gimmicked decks... along with the decks the guy said before tallys are also being cut. I heard this all from My local Magic shop keeper who talks to Stephan Jarrdonnet who i think owns Murphy's Magic...
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    Raider Deck Review

    my raiders sucked :( they bend too much i was sooo sad but still im amazed by the design and quality :) I LOVE EM .... but i hate them if you catch my drift
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    Sorcerer's Safari Camp

    Shawn Farquhar is going ot be there also :) too bad im nto going maybe next year....
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    Congratulations are in order!

    OMG CONGRATS CK!! :P apparently he just lost his man card lol but hey this is awesome
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    Saturday Night Contest - DG.LIVE - Symphony Questions

    Garcicles, what is your favorite style of JRY's Beard?
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    Destiny - Sandwich routine

    crazy handling, the presentation is smooth. Some crazy sleights there too :P but the only problem is that theres too many phases. A spectator would get bored of it pretty quickly.
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    Colorblind - new take on an old trick

    great performance, i was sort of expectign another kicker with the deck though :P but well thats just me. Its a great method to use im still tryingot figure out what "thing" you used :P great work dude.
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    June 2009 :: How deep should the rabbit hole go?

    I go with the flow but not to far as to makign them believe i actually have supernatural powers. like someone said before it varies from performance to performance. I mainly do liek geek magic, and animation/levitation stuff so im really pushing the boundries in their minds
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    Pinnacle - Russ Niedzwiecki

    hey guys this is my very first reveiw so bear with me :P Pinnacle ( The Crown Jewel of Impromptu Rubber Band Effects - Russ Niedzwiecki Description: A borrowed object ( Finger Ring) An everyday item (rubber band) Two of the strongest components of a powerfully magical experiencen...
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