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  1. ElliottTerral

    A good trick for a tough auduence?

    Because magic is an unusual hobby, your family probably doesn't fully realize how important magic is to you. That's how it was for me. If you keep at it, you're family will come around, I promise. But you MUST keep practicing. Keep it important to you, and through time, you're family will be...
  2. ElliottTerral

    Street Magic during festival with three magicians

    If it will be mostly school kids, don't even try for tips. Also, unless you're setting up a table on a pitch and doing a show, don't expect tips. Busking is for tips. If you want to get your name out, walking around and handing out business cards is fine, but if you approach someone and expect a...
  3. ElliottTerral

    Disguising a force

    How about only one person knowing that the card is to be the chosen card, like you're telling a single spectator a secret. Then perform your little miracle and incorporate the first person's knowledge into the finale of the trick (like the beginning, someone naming a card to use).
  4. ElliottTerral

    Bottom deal battle.

    I do have a Skype, but I'm pretty busy right now. My username is elliottterral. Feel free to add me, and I'll let you know when we can jam.
  5. ElliottTerral

    Bottom deal battle.

    I don't know what this challenge business is, but we can share unlisted videos on YouTube, to see each other's BDs, if you like.
  6. ElliottTerral

    Drawing a crowd

    VanishedAce, As a busker, you've got to make noise, and you've got to have a commanding presence. The audience must be engaged by you before they become a crowd. That means you must have the numbers passing by to draw them in. If you're working a "pitch" that has very little foot traffic, you...
  7. ElliottTerral

    Is That Hard..?

    It might have been a thing where you were making it look easy. : D
  8. ElliottTerral

    Custom Bicycle Playing Cards
  9. ElliottTerral

    Talk about fast shipping... (Hint: Sarcasm)

    I mean you no personal disrespect. I don't know you. I am merely basing what I post on your primary thread topic, and I appreciate the civility, I do. I understand times are hard. I made the same purchase, and it was very difficult. I'm looking for a primary job, but I use magic to get by, so...
  10. ElliottTerral

    Talk about fast shipping... (Hint: Sarcasm)

    That's fine. As long as you understand. I do know that Theory11 has recently had a few glitches in their support system, but it has nothing to do with the people behind the machines. They are more than happy to help, and the lack of communication may not be anyone's fault but the computer's...
  11. ElliottTerral

    Talk about fast shipping... (Hint: Sarcasm)

    Yeah. I can see that someone is having a bit of a problem with the lack of instant gratification. I understand that you payed more to receive your package sooner, but I'm sure that you will receive your package much faster than most people that ordered with regular shipping. You need to...
  12. ElliottTerral

    Triumph trick that is visual?

    Here ya go:
  13. ElliottTerral

    Best Place to Buy V4,5,6's ???
  14. ElliottTerral

    Where should I start with flourishing?

    Start with classical flourishing. Check out Hugard's Card Manipulations. Also Andrei Jikh's Genesis volume 1 has a good portion of beginning flourishes. Everything takes practice, so if you really want to go for it, you may have to just tackle the tough stuff head on. Dan and Dave's Trilogy...
  15. ElliottTerral

    Vintage category decks

    Google is a thing. Also, there should be a toolbar at the top of the screen that takes you to the playing card section of T11. Here is a link for you:
  16. ElliottTerral

    Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

    JKA White Q Joker standard
  17. ElliottTerral

    Custom Sandwich Tricks

    Why? What does that accomplish?
  18. ElliottTerral

    The World's Hardest and Longest Cut

    It is a very cool flourish, and it looks great. Unfortunately, to me, it looks more like a routine, rather than one continuous cut. There are definite spots where it seems to pause. Other than that, it's Awesome!
  19. ElliottTerral

    Jason England Interview

    Great interview! On your guide to traditionally cut cards, however, you state, "Traditionally cut playing cards are when a card is cut back to face, instead of the usual face to back." Traditionally cut cards are cut face to back. As the blade passes through the cards,from face to back, it...
  20. ElliottTerral

    Exciting new release ! Chardshark DVD !

    Very cool, man! Looks like an awesome product with great routines!
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