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  1. PlethZorb

    Sticky for deck designs?

    jimmah01 - please don't feel like your opinion and expression isn't important to the welfare of this community. I assure you that it is, just as important as any other member's sincere expression. Ultimately, if you feel the need to express something within the Theory11 Official Rules and...
  2. PlethZorb

    Sticky for deck designs?

    Come on Sypris theres no need to accuse other members of trying to act superior. Now, I may sound like an underproductive geek when I proclaim that you must think of the community before yourself and give this magic community the change it needs to be a productive place to be involved with...
  3. PlethZorb

    Saturday Night Contest - One Year Anniversary

    Theory11 is the only reason why im the best magician ever now. Theory11 is the best and I love theory11. Without theory11 magic wouldnt exist. Theory11 is the only place you should go to for magic and it is better than penguinmagic and ellusionist and any other magic place.
  4. PlethZorb

    Here We Go...

    Thats your opinion and it was well said however I disagree with almost everything you stated - just saying.
  5. PlethZorb

    Death to the Double Undercut

    Yeah thats fair - thanks JB.
  6. PlethZorb

    Death to the Double Undercut // 1-on-1

    Thanks Squ!rell for addressing this issue on many of our behalfs. Hopefully the staff will identify, evaluate and develop this problem instead of ignoring it - hoping it will go away by itself.
  7. PlethZorb

    Death to the Double Undercut // 1-on-1

    Doug, it's in your best interest to defend theory11 but please, for once think of the little guys who don't have as much knowledge as the rest of us. Obviously at least one t11 staff member has seen this and they seem to be ignoring this. Please give us an explanation, I've seen you guys...
  8. PlethZorb

    Death to the Double Undercut // 1-on-1

    I hope the T11 staff haven't forsaken us here, they seem to be ignoring what we're trying to say.
  9. PlethZorb

    Death to the Double Undercut // 1-on-1

    Charging people for this is just not right to me.
  10. PlethZorb

    Vent on International Shipping Prices?

    Can we at least get an explanation as to why shipping prices are so off the roof? We've waited long enough.
  11. PlethZorb

    Brian Tudor?

    Yeah! Go Brian! My heart supports your fight forever man!
  12. PlethZorb


    JDEN, don't be so serious. Its people like you that make this place dull and boring.
  13. PlethZorb

    Daniel Madison

    What are you talking about.....
  14. PlethZorb

    woop woop lets party

    woop woop lets party
  15. PlethZorb

    DnD's New Website & The Vault

    Hehe still not up. I love how we wait :)
  16. PlethZorb


    Its called 'Lethal'! :)
  17. PlethZorb

    A little softer?

    Watch the language there Mr. "Censor darosa.justin's pms"! :O Alladins.
  18. PlethZorb

    1-on-1 Help

    No, you don't be mean. Get Daniel Madison - Crunk
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