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    Surfaced by Chad Nelson

    i'm having trouble 'cliping' the card (step 2 image 5 in the booklet) if someone could pm me that would be really nice. maple
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    Clip Shift

    yea me too i'm also having problems with 'cliping' the card (fig. 5 step 2 in booklet). it really throws me off cuz when i go to do the change part, the card is too far away to 'change'. please pm me also. maple
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    Surfaced by Chad Nelson

    taught by the inventor himself: BRAD CHRISTIAN! (along with HIS erdenase color change, you can impress your friends) man that set me up perfectly! maple
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    Fan Control Question

    can't say without exposer......... buy it though, its one hell of a control.
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    Best 1-on-1's?

    The fan control. THE BEST CONTROL EVER!!! THE SPECTATOR SHUFFLES THE DECK! whats better? And ace cut (just released) is well thought out. Joel is a beast!
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    DnD's New Website & The Vault

    sufaced?(not to mention a new site) O.K., i'm writing this at 9:35 at night and its july 1st. SURFACED ISNT OUT YET,let alone the new site. Dan and Dave, now i love you guys but if you screw me over this once again, i will loose total fate for awhile. Anyone agree?
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    dude r u there? i sent u 2 pms. whats up?

    dude r u there? i sent u 2 pms. whats up?
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    Black's Magic - Chat Room

    i smell an enigma and E copy-cat..... Maple
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    Trilogy Question

    thanks adjones will do! and i said i don't want to buy the whole thing because i don't need any more material. Maple
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    Trilogy Question

    is there another source to learn the dl FROM the center the the bucks do in Tivo 2.0? Becasue i really don't want to spend 30$ on stuff i won't use. i have too much material and don't need more. Maple
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    Trilogy Question

    I'm looking into buying the 'everythingelse' DVD from the trilogy. one of the sleights i really want to learn is the center double the bucks use in TIvo 2.0. Now my question here is, is the 'center double' on the everythingelse DVD the same as in Tivo 2.0? i ask this because in the trilogy...
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    r u brad christain? (looking at you with david blaine eyes) maple
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    Utility Moves?

    wheres a good source to learn the km move?
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    Believe :: First Glimpse

    guys whats the big deal? i saw the vid. it just looks like a 2 card transpo were the card is ripped. and although its cool and i have no idea how he did it, i think this is a bit much hype for it. besides D+M's R.I.P. is very similar and has been out longer. so yea
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    New Effect Suggestions For My Birthday?

    try it's got a ton of e-books (in fact its all e-books meaning downloads). its got great lecture notes like Danny G's and a lot of dave forrest stuff (including a really cool gimmick free rising card from the center of the deck ie. A.I.R.). It's also got all the card colledge stuff...
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