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  1. Tynman

    Saturday Night Contest - Do As I'm Doing

    2 spades -> 9 diamonds -> 9 spades
  2. Tynman

    Saturday Night Contest - Everyday We're Shufflin'

    I hope everyone had fun with this one
  3. Tynman

    Saturday Night Contest - The Power of Probability

    1.tails 2.tails 3.heads 4.tails 5.heads 6.heads
  4. Tynman

    Captured By Justin Miller UK

    Yeah it'll work with any kind of bottle, I do it with glass Mtn Dew bottles (b/c I'm underage). Darker bottles hide a little better but the trick can be done with any bottle.
  5. Tynman

    Saturday Night Contest - Red White and Blue

    1: Red - Ace of Spades White - 10 of Clubs Blue - 7 of Hearts 2: Red - 5 of diamonds White -3 of clubs Blue - 9 of hearts 3: Red - 6 of clubs Blue - Jack of hearts White - Queen of diamonds
  6. Tynman

    Pressure by DG

    Ahhh pressure, definitely a fan favorite (also loved by magicians as well)
  7. Tynman

    Poker Night

    Yeah if you're going to have many poker nights, I would recommend that you either get a lot of cheep decks (i.e. studs, bees, or regular old bikes) or put some money in and try out plastic cards. Bicycle does make some plastic cards that are ok quality that you can get cheaply from Wal-Mart, but...
  8. Tynman

    Rubik's Cube

    There is a book on Amazon ( But you can always just look up the Fridrich method, that is the most popular
  9. Tynman

    The Raven vs The Bat

    The raven is more for a complete and total vanish, while the bat works better for hiding something that is clipped to you
  10. Tynman

    Extreme Burn 2.0

    The hand out can be kind of weird, but if you don't call attention to it and just go through the motions naturally and quickly, it flies by every time
  11. Tynman

    Brown Wynn Playing Cards

    If you want to experience how they handle just pick up some of the blue or red ones b/c they are the same cards. But unless you are collecting the cards (no cards in my opinion) they are not close to worth the amount you will pay for them.
  12. Tynman

    Extreme Burn 2.0

    You can't just change the bills and immediately drop them on the table or anything. But the clean up happens very quickly and can be done in a very nature way and then instantly hand them out.
  13. Tynman

    Hands Off

    Alright thanks guys
  14. Tynman

    Hands Off

    Ok guys, what do you know about this? It seems pretty good but has anyone reviewed this somewhere.
  15. Tynman

    IS the match trick safe?

    Ok glad I could help
  16. Tynman

    IS the match trick safe?

    Well, it's as safe as inhaling smoke can be. It's not terribly unsafe but it's an cheaper and less versatile version of "Smoke" available here from the wonderful people at Theory 11. Anyway, but I wouldn't recommend doing it all the time, eventually there could be some negative effects b/c it's...
  17. Tynman

    Bicycle vs Tally vs Bee

    The Tallys are not as great as they used to be, but I still feel that their quality holds up for a longer period of time than the Bikes or the Bees. But that might just be my imagination.
  18. Tynman

    Question about Five

    Hmm that's a good question. I think that you could probably apply the principle behind Mint Condition to something else, but you would have to get really creative with it. But the actual method will only work with things like Tic-Tacs, but they can be any color. Also raw linkage is one of my...
  19. Tynman

    Control 2.0 by Wayne Houchin

    Yeah I just figured I'd throw it out there just in case. And Yeah it does take a lot of confidence to really do this even though the methodology is really simple
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