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    Saturday Night Contest - Cards in Hands

    Hey :) good luck!
  2. J

    New, quick webcam video

    Hi! This is a quick webcam video that I made. I'm aware that the quality and editing are not great, but please ignore this (I have a good quality video coming soon) and take a look at some of the moves and assess the overall feel of the video. I would like to know your opinion on the...
  3. J

    Serious complaint regarding Victoria by Zach

    Oh dear. Mark, as you know, I agree with you here. Humour? Maybe, but Zach seemed pretty serious about it until the last minute (or so I've heard..) I think we can all agree that cancer is a bad disease. A very bad one at that. I've had family members and people I am close to be affected...
  4. J

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Camera Challenge

    Not going to win but oh well..
  5. J

    The Anti-Faro

    I am thinking of getting the video since as it is only $10 on The Blue Crown. It's a move that I've been wanting to learn for a while. I have a few questions: How difficult is it? On a scale 1-10, 10 being impossible. Do you ever use this? Is the video good? Thanks guys.
  6. J

    Why should we bother learning the history of magic

    Thanks for the replies guys. He showed his true colours today when he was asking me to send him some theory11 tricks, for free, via email. Needless to say, I said no. My other friend is better and despite not knowing as much about magic history as me, he knows a lot more than the one I'm talking...
  7. J

    Why should we bother learning the history of magic

    Hi Guys, First, it should be noted that I love learning about the history of magic, about where certain sleights come from, etc. So I was having a discussion with 2 of my magic friends today. They sometimes moan about how if I teach them a trick, how I also give credit. For example if it...
  8. J

    Bee Wynn Price

    Hey I was just wondering how much Brown Wynns are worth nowadays? I couldn't find any on eBay :p Thanks!
  9. J

    Creating FILTER (and other magic)

    Rick you are a big inspiration of mine. However I have trouble creating effects. I find it much easier to create flourishes. With effects I feel that things are not considered original enough to be considered your own unless it is totally different. What I mean by this is if you make a trick...
  10. J

    Saturday Night Contest - Filtering Out Exposure

    haha, don't expect to win but sounded fun.
  11. J

    Show for school

    I'm sure it's not his own creation. He just taught it.
  12. J

    Show for school

    Sorry, I meant the 'TOXIC' force. Francis Menotti taught it at a lecture he recently did at a convention. It uses an iPhone or scientific calculator but only works well with larger numbers. I will message you about it.
  13. J

    Show for school

    Hi Guys, I have been asked to perform a 15-20 minute show at my school, in front of roughly 250. I am excited because I see this as a good opportunity, but I am really struggling for ideas. I have lots of time to prepare (about 2 or 3 months) but I think it is best to have ideas before so I...
  14. J

    Madison players clue

    In 2007, Jonathan Bayme and I decided that we were going to release a Daniel Madison deck of playing cards. I sure hope that they have custom faces.
  15. J

    Handing out Business Cards?

    Do a TnR business card
  16. J

    The Masked Magician on Reddit

    Tony Chang said that people think that the masked magician is a 'badass magician who has gone rogue'. haha
  17. J

    Best Basic Deck

    This may be true in America, but I would really have to disagree in the U.K. There is not a 'standard' deck over here in the U.K. In fact, most people haven't even heard of Bicycles. So I can get away with using nicer decks (like from theory11 etc.). My favourite basic deck depends. For...
  18. J

    Saturday Night Contest - Capture the Cards

    Similar but here are my final 2 entries. Good luck everyone!
  19. J

    Saturday Night Contest - Capture the Cards

    Something a bit different. Only 1 entry for me.
  20. J

    Papercuts product help

    I personally love the flourishes on papercuts, and if you can do most of Solo by MJ, you will find most of the flourishes in Papercuts a walk in the park (with practice of course).
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