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    Just Made Some Purchases...

    Do oral surgeon can say anything he likes. Do those wisdom teeth hurt you at all or affect your other teeth in way you actually notice? If you answered no to that last question, I wouldn't waste time and money on that surgeon. I still have all my teeth thank you very much and unless they...
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    Vanishing A Small Bottle

    A Topit? Can you use any props to aid in the vanish? Why not buy a vanishing bottle like the one often used in the trick where it disappears from a paper bag?
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    A problem with Card to Mouth by Dan and Dave!

    How do you know they're not impressed, surprised or shocked? Perform for a trusted friend or family member who can give critical advice and see what they have to say.
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    Favourite Of Card Trick?

    Almost all effects have a good side to them. It would be a lot more interesting to ask what someone's least favorite effect is.
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    Kids at the Restaurant?

    1) No long-winded multi-phase routines. That particular kid might be the exception, but in general they have a short attention span. 2) Keep them entertained with humor. If you get the kid to laugh, not only will you be sure they like it, you'll have the parents content too. 3) Never leave...
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    Kids at the Restaurant?

    Is that a marketed effect? It sounds interesting and outside the box.
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    Question on Daniel Garcia Project

    When I get back home I'll see which volume contains the most or best non-card tricks.
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    LEGEND: A Ghost Story... Fearson's Latest

    I don't know why they're no longer good friends, but if they no longer are, that could be a reason why your acquaintance thinks of him like that. I wouldn't take his opinion at face value exactly because it is likely biased. Instead I'll wait for some reviews.
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    Question on Daniel Garcia Project

    Hi penguindude, What sort of effects are you looking for? I need to know a little more about you before I can make a solid recommendation.
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    Card box/case

    At one time, I used a hard plastic lunch box. It was big enough for me to carry 4 decks around, so I could carry enough cards for a "You Do As I do" as I do routine and have a couple of spare cards for cardwarp and have a stacked deck in there too.
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    I've Hit A Crossroads With My Magic

    Look at it from the bright side, Charlie. If there's nothing magic-related in your area, then that gives you a magic monopoly. If someone wants magic, you're the only option. I'd say invest in visiting magic places a little further away and reap the benefits.
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    Your very own Double Lift...

    I'm not sure this thread would be useful to anyone. A double lift only works well if it is indistinguishable from the real deal (a single card lift). Most people will use a pinky break, and buckle to keep the cards together. Other than that, there's not much that can carry over into an alternate...
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    PINNED :: An effect by V.

    We're talkiong about two needed items right? One is the shirt, and the other is the thing you're talking about.
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    Do you have another hobby?

    If you want to see interesting and uncommon hobbies: nothing can beat the on my sister has - underwater hockey. :) Beat that one!
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    Real Magi's or Fake Magi's

    People who only show magic in front of their webcam aren't often good magicians, but that doesn't mean they're not magicians at all. Occasionally some come along that actually perform to the people watching (rather than just show) and make it all entertaining. It's not the bedroom/webcam combo...
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    Do you have another hobby?

    Funny you should ask. I also like to write short stories and I'm a total stickler for grammar...
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    Reverse Engineering... Another Crazy Thought

    Reverse engineering is perfectly fine for general effects (like "how do I make a visual card sandwich?" or "how can I make this effect gimmickless? ". Most of the time this already happens anyway because people develop the same method independently.
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    The Lefty Deck - first "left handed" deck produced by USPCC

    Isn't it obvious? It makes hiding pips when you need to much harder. Still, you need that for only a handful of effects...
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    Nestorizer by Nestor Hato Effects Review

    That's a bit negative, shadow. Gimmicks have their uses. Do you know a way to make a card shoot out of the middle of the deck without a gimmick? I don't.
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    White or Wheat

    Just because you and I can't pull it off, doesn't mean it's not "real world". The misdirection is crucial to making this work. (Anyway, even if I can't perform this, practicing the ego slip will give me a wealth of options)
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