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    Saturday Night Contest - The Magic-Con All Star Roundtable Discussion

    To all: I'm a big fan of impromptu magic. Michael Weber and Daniel Garcia especially are well known for their unprepared approach to effects. I have also been using Bill Goodwin and Paul Harris' Linking Laces effect to great effect recently. A good example of a powerful trick that is done...
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Magic-Con All Star Roundtable Discussion

    To Dan and Dave: besides Irving Quant's DVD and Dave's book on palming, do you have any other special projects lined up for this coming year? I heard you mention a DVD with Helder Guimaraes? what about some new 'On Demand's? To Bill Goodwin: Do you ever plan to release any of your...
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    Table Pass?

    I know a bluff pass by Bobby Bernard which makes use of the table. i learnt it from Apocalypse, cant remember which volume. I think Andi Gladwin has a nice refined variation on it as well. Cheers Jon
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    Card Control: Pressure

    It's actually a Jerry Sadowitz creation called the 'slip jog'. I learnt it from 'Card zones', the collected works that he put out with Peter Duffie. cheers Jon
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    One Card Change - Help

    I agree that the breakless curry turnover change (or Jamie Badman's underground change/ switch) is a good way to go. The miracle change by Ed Marlo would also work well for a switch of one card for another as would the Downs change. simple but effective when done well. Cheers Jon
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    1-for-1 Switches

    Paul Curry's turnover change and Marlo's breakless version. Also a more contemporary variation is the 'underground change' by Jamie badman
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    Flustration Count Alternative

    i think this thread is beginning to prove that your choice of count is dependant on the context of the move within the trick as a whole and its suitability to the overall style of performer. More importantly, selecting an appropriate count that suits the pace and flow of the handling in general...
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    Flustration Count Alternative

    Thanks everyone for your replys. its all stuff that i will look into. i've used the flustration count a lot in the past, but have been recently doing more packet tricks, and although its a wonderful move, i have been on the hunt for an alternative handling or another move. i love the flow of the...
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    Flustration Count Alternative

    Hey guys, i've never been 100% convinced by the deceptivness of the flustration count (or the rumba count). does anyone know an alternative count or display that achieves the same thing (i.e. a count that shows a small packet of cards as all alike, even tho the packet contains only one of...
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    Multiplying Card Effect

    Hey guys, I wanted to pick your brains and was hoping i could get some opinions and input from u all about an effect i've been curious about recently. I'm working on a presentation of it but am unsure of where to go. Firstly, my inspiration was a memory i have of Jerry Sadowitz performing a...
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