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    Archangels Card Stock

    Hi, I was wondering if the card stock on the Archangels are actually any different vs a standard Bicycle deck sold in most local stores. I'm deciding between Archangels and Bicycle Gold Standards.
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    Conditioning Cards for Card Manipulation

    This is exactly the answer I was looking for, thanks!
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    Conditioning Cards for Card Manipulation

    For those who don't know what card manipulation is btw, here is me demoing it. I really have gotten rusty after not practicing for a while!
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    Conditioning Cards for Card Manipulation

    So I was wondering what you guys do to condition cards for card manipulation. I came back to magic a month ago, and finally wore out my very old deck to the point where I had to get a new one. However, I forgot what McBride and Sheridan said about conditioning a new pack of cards. Currently I...
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    Young Magician Skype Group

    I'm down, but I'm 18 yo.
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    Your Favorite Card Fans?!

    Since I do card manipulations, Lukas fan is pretty awesome for me!
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    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    I'm kind of new to the Saturday Night Contest thing. How do I find it, and how do I participate?
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    Business Card Magic

    What I would do with T2P is: -Attempt to hand over a business card -Sees all the info scrambled/split, and apologizes, tells them that there was a printing error -Execute T2P -Bam, restored business card, with rough edges I'll agree with krab though, I think that this effect is too strong and...
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    Bicycle cards are too slippery

    I personally freeze my bikes for a few hours if I want to do card manipulation with them. It kind of softens the stock and makes them more grippy.
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    Timing with the palm

    I palm at the offbeat, if that makes any sense. For example, lets say that I want to do a top card palm. I place the card on top, look up to the spectator and indicate him/her to shuffle, and a perform the sleight as they look up to meet my eyes.
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    The trailer made the trick's concept look more "clean" than it really is, but for the most part it will work on laymen. However, if you plan on doing an object in balloon trick with playing cards, I suggest "airtight" by Jay Sankey. It has a much cleaner end imo.
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    I want a thumb tip

    I actually already bought Darwin's works and am studying them with my current TT. That is when I realized that my current TT is just too uncomfortable for me, especially when Darwin's looks so soft. I'm looking at both the Vernet Medium Soft and the Vernet Classic. Which tip do you think is...
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    Clear Playing Cards for practice and tutorials?

    The Omni deck is just a block of clear material fashioned to look like a deck of cards.
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    Business Card Magic

    I don't perform for a living, but I think that Torn2Pieces by Shawn Farquhar would work! You could have your info scrambled at 4 sections and tear and restore the card such that the info is whole again (though the torn edges remain on the sides).
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    I want a thumb tip

    krab, could u link me the TT you use?
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    I want a thumb tip

    I meant that my old thumb tip couldn't grip at my nail at all, so whenever I let my hand go down the TT would fall off (I know that it stops a little shy of the first knuckle).
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    Holiday Contest Wheel

    I got the exact same thing as you, Kaan. 4 spins, 3 x 100 pts and 1x 50 pts.
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    I want a thumb tip

    So, I'm practicing thumb tip magic at the moment. I'm currently using a very cheap plastic tip, but my uses with it are very limited because it doesn't stay on my I want to buy a better thumb tip from PenguinMagic. I consider my thumb size to be relatively average. My knuckle, when...
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    Ways to vanish a card without backpalm

    I'd still say that's a Tenkai Palm.
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    Card tricks

    I'm going to have to jump on the RRTCM train on this one. With that book alone and some imagination on how to use the sleights, you can easily become a professional.
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