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    is .thecuso a good place to learn card flourishes?

    TheCuso has some great tutorials but they are a bit tough for beginners. I would advise to get through the basics of cardistry/xcm and then go back and watch some tutorials. Its also a great site to watch flourish vids.
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    Thickest Cards

    Shadow masters are pretty much the thickest decks that I know of. I hate them but thats mostly cause I like thinner decks.
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    Trick Trading (Read or Suffer Death by Octopus)

    If it means that we can get an effect I think that a'lot of people would do this. However, it would be tough to verify that a trick/flourish was taught well. Maybe it would be like ebay where in the corner there would be a little percentage of the people satisfied with the effects you have put out.
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    Trick Trading (Read or Suffer Death by Octopus)

    go for it!(please!) You should definetley get some "Filters" as oldavid1 said, just some people you know are knowledgable. Also, if your serious, you should pm JB for permission. You don't wanna get banned or something.
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    Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

    What measures did you take to keep the site revamp and the sentinels project secret? What was the artists initial reaction when they first saw smoke? Were there any alternate designs or themes for the sentinels at the start of the project?
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    Brad Christian DVD

    I was once one of those E fanboys until I realized how pathetic I was, and now I kind of hate Brad Christian for it. I dont mean to be E bias, but I sort of flinch whenever I see him perform now.
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    That was beatiful, can we please have a tutorial? pleeeeeeeaaaaase?
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    Future 1-on-1?

    I think it would be cool to have some sample ACR routines with like 2 or 3 moves in them each. it would also teach about constructing a routine.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion with Jesse Feinberg

    Do you start with an effect then try to figure out how it would be possible, or do you start with a method for an effect and work on what would make the effect unique? Which would you rate as most important when starting out in magic, presentation, originality or practice? Do you really...
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    My Own DVD

    I think that doing that is sort of taking advantage. You can learn key card for free on ellusionist. Just point people in the right direction, dont profit off them.
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    Have you ever lost your ability to legitamtely shuffle?

    I do that with just one certain false cut. I used to practice it obsessively and now its just subconscious.
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    Card Storm 2010!

    Shoot! When i saw card storm I imagined millions of playing cards falling from the sky like rain. WHY CANT THE WORLD BE AWESOME LIKE THAT?
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    New at custom decks...

    I am going to have to go with propaganda. They lasted FOREVER and the design really grows on you. Also guardians are pretty great and black tigers are ok.
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    If you could start all over again..

    Im going to have to agree with that. Only a couple months ago did I realize that ellusionist decks weren't really as amazing a s i thought they were.
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    No Prize Contest: The Beautiful Art

    Yay! thank you!
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    I just emptied THE DRAWER.

    I have no patience so my drawer is basically a bunch of 1on 1s and real secrets of magic by David Stone, which I downloaded. (NEVER download on ellusionist, there are no menus and it needs to buffer for some reason) Huh, i forgot about the biddle trick, its actually pretty cool.
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    New iPhone Effect - Mike Hankins

    hmmmm... snazzy. It would be cool to do this along with believe by joe paschall. I dont really know what Im saying but they are just 2 torn card effects that might look good together.
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    No Prize Contest: The Beautiful Art

    Here is mine! I used to be really into drawing these. I also included an ace of spades.
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    I Thought This Was a Magic Forum

    I think think that we are both in the wrong here. moormagic broke the forum rules and then went into a rant about how mean we all were for telling him. moormagic, get a grip. It was you who broke the rules, and I find it especially annoying that you continue to talk in weird text language...
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