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    Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2009 - Starts Now

    If any of you have any idea who I am, I'm up for being on whoever's team.
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    Saturday Night Contest - The 30 Second Challenge
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    Saturday Night Contest - Objectry Challenge

    Saltine time, here we come.
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    Saturday Night Contest - One Final Cut Not the quality I hoped, but it's lightning; better get it in.
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    T11 Round Table Discussion - Wayne Houchin

    1. Has there ever been a time where you used magic in the entirely wrong context or situation and thought to yourself afterwards "wow, that was a mistake." 2. Is there a definitive moment when you had the realization that you wanted to make magic your life? 3. Can you cook?
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    Saturday Night Contest - St. Patrick's Day Edition

    There once was a man named Dan Buck Who, amazed by the change of the duck Ran up to his bro Said “check this out, yo” And by déjà vu gold was struck. When I see Houchin’s new trick approaching Then I know Theory’s sales will be toasting So I quickly divine, Go to eTrade online, And...
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    Saturday Night Contest: The Secret Life of d+M

    1) Preshow prep: Be the pony. Be the pony. Be the pony. 2) Danny? Is...Is that you? 3) ...This isn't what I ordered...
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    Saturday Night Contest : Randall Edition

    Here's my entry:
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    Saturday Night Contest : Control Theme Song

    Sung to the tune of “Don’t stop believing” by Journey. (Short version) (for those members who don’t know who Journey is- watch this first: One word. Epic. In the mood? If so: Piano interlude Just a small town dude Livin' in a lonely world...
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