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  1. POOT13

    Saturday Night Contest - Red White and Blue

    Red- four of clubs. White- four of spades. Blue- queen of spades.
  2. POOT13

    Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

    My Question How do you know where the line is as far as letting people add their ideas and thoughts to a remodel or new idea in general? When do you say "enough is enough" and just do what you think is best?
  3. POOT13

    Saturday Night Contest - The Facebook Card Challenge

    My guess, cause my phone Facebook app is freaking! Ace of Hearts, that's the one.
  4. POOT13

    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 trivia challenge [UPDATED]

    Madison? He's an Englishman.
  5. POOT13

    Saturday Night Contest - 52 + YOU - Photography Challenge

    HAHAHA, that's great... HO.
  6. POOT13

    Saturday Night Contest - 52 + YOU - Photography Challenge

    Dude, I love that deck! For the first few minutes, sure, but still!
  7. POOT13

    Saturday Night Contest - 52 + YOU - Photography Challenge

    Here are my two. The first is cool, but the second is for the ladies.
  8. POOT13

    Change by d+M - Answer?

    Sorry for "wasting everyone's time" with this thread. Especially seeing as how so many people responded with legitimate answers. And if it's wasting YOUR time, then why bother to respond? I learned something from this thread and I have a feeling a couple of other people did too, so sorry about...
  9. POOT13

    Change by d+M - Answer?

    As I was sitting around playing with my cards I began thinking of Change and how mysterious it has all been. To make this clear, I am not bashing Daniel in any way and I love his work. Anyway, does anyone remember the Change challenge? It was posted on his site a few months back. Did anything...
  10. POOT13

    Advocate by:D+M

    I have contacted Daniel and I recommend also trying to e-mail him (don't fret). Unless he wants to come on here and say something about what he told me then that's your best bet.
  11. POOT13

    Saturday Night Contest :: d+M roundtable discussion

    What are the facebook updates about? Are you doing a sleep deprivation stunt or is it the old insomnia kicking in again? I feel your pain... only not as bad, I'm sure. Thanks for everything Daniel. E
  12. POOT13

    You are not an artist!

    I don't wish to point out your character flaws Steerpike. If I did I apologize for that. I just think that the overall presentation of this argument is very negative. Why not just encourage the wannabe magicians/artists to make their own way? That's what the true artists do. They encourage...
  13. POOT13

    You are not an artist!

    I wasn't merely joking around. I am quite serious about my question. E
  14. POOT13

    You are not an artist!

    I personally think that it's cute how steerpike thinks that he is above everyone else. How we are all merely deficient in our self awareness. I believe that I make my own thoughts and don't leave them in the hands of others. To merely shoot down other people's thoughts because they disagree...
  15. POOT13

    Tivo 2.0

    VERY nice handling, although the change could take some working on. And if possible, a little faster. The more I attempt to do it live, the more I find that the faster I do it, the more reaction I get. It's as if their minds can't quite catch up with what is happening in your hands. But...
  16. POOT13

    Jerry's Nuggets - For Sale?

    Hey! If you're willing to wait I would check on He is apparently planning on selling them. Sorry I can't help anymore. I am also in hot pursuit of some Jerry's. Laterz. E
  17. POOT13

    White Centurions Window - Unfair?

    They could fix that with a limit to the number of decks you can buy at once...
  18. POOT13

    White Centurions Window - Unfair?

    I logged on last night (along with everyone else I suppose) to try to purchase some of the acclaimed white centurions and was very disappointed. Once added them to my cart (yes, i got some decks actually in my cart) I went through the usual steps for members. I even had a credit card on file...
  19. POOT13

    Saturday Night Contest - Batter Up - November 1, 2008

    JB: 5/11 Andrei Izzle:8/11
  20. POOT13

    THAT was the "Dive of Death"?

    Surely someone has an idea of what was supposed to happen? Anyone at Theory 11? Dan White maybe? The show was amazing but that ending was a real bite. If it wasn't supposed to happen like that, I feel really bad for David.
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