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    Are we having the holiday contest this year?

    Last year we had the wheel spins for prizes and good stuff. Are we having it this year too?
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    Saturday Night Contest - JAQK Prediction

    Queen of hearts Three of spades
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    I'm HOOKED!

    I just started the same move last week, kinda got the hang of it. Mine looks really shaky, not half as smooth as Andrei
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    Diving Back into Performing Again!

    Your narration is awesome. I'm no pro; I just pull off a few small tricks at school whenever I can. Haven't gotten bored of it yet :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Memorial Day

    Red: 2 of Clubs White: 7 of Hearts Blue: 10 of Diamonds Red: Ace of Spades White: Jack of Clubs Blue: Queen of Hearts
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    Worst Way You Broke a Deck/Trick

    This is probably the saddest story I've ever heard. Really.
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    What is the Best Card Trick

    I think the coolest impromptu trick is Double Exposure by Asi Wind. The guy's a genius. And when you ask a spectator for a phone, they become really curious. After I'm done, I walk away like a boss whle they're still looking at the picture. XD
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    What is the Best Card Trick

    I'll second that, although I usually do the Here then There version.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Valentine Edition

    75 (including the one on the deck :P )
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    I just cant do a confidence is dropping

    I hope you aren't using plastic cards. If not, then you just need to practise. It took me a few months after watching 52kards' video of the thumb fan.
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    Dealing with the Seal

    Thanks guys! Can't wait for Contraband!
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    Dealing with the Seal

    I'd cut it, but then I can't use the thumb cut out..
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    Dealing with the Seal

    I have recently been purchasing decks, but have no idea how to deal with the sticker seal. What do you guys do? Cutting across it doesn't let me use the thumb cut... and I can't take off the sticker because it rips and looks ugly..
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    Zach Mueller on The Daily Show?

    Zach has a video on youtube about why he left
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    Overrated and Underrated decks.

    All the fontaines are overrated.
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    Best/most fun/most used flourishes?

    B4 cut, Leno cut (I'm into display flourishes)
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    Spectators And Their Infinite Knowledge

    If they catch me controlling a card, I just top palm it and tell them to shuffle the deck(in a condescending manner, of course)
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    Magic Pet Peeve?

    I hate it when a magician agrees to do a trick a second or third time, and then everyone figures it out :mad:
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    Magic Pet Peeve?

    Got that right.
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    Repertoire help

    What do you guys use for a no-gimmick, minimal set up, card magic repertoire? Paid tricks also.
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