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    Is It Too Late to Learn?

    When you see the date the thread was started...
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    Is It Too Late to Learn?

    Answer this...are you a singer? Most prolly no...(altho I do hope I'm wrong :) ) Does that mean you've never hummed a tune in your life? Magic is just...a thing! A fun thing to do! You may make a career out of it, you may not. I don't want to be a painter...why the hell do I like to sketch...
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    Wondering how it feels to be the spectator

    Not really...I do hate it when seeing a magic performance and wanting to enjoy it, I end up mentally disrobing it. However, I do this trick *pun intended*-- Before I see an effect I just wanna enjoy, I relax and tell myself "You know nothing of magic. Don't second-guess stuff" This means if...
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    Sleight of hand isn't magic

    Hmmm...what you've said is legit food for thought... I feel that while what you're saying makes sense (a lot), it is also true, from an ethical point of view of course, to not lie. And when I say I choose ethics over reactions, I am not trying to put up my image as a virtuous human being and all...
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    Wanting to try my hand at Cardistry

    That deck you have is enough, 'cuz cards don't least most of the times. To start of, I suggest these IN ORDER:-(YT videos in which they can be found are mentioned.) DISCLAIMER:- "By" someone does not mean they are the creators. Instead, they are the You Tube channels with the...
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    Change the magicians you watch.
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    Finding a good nickname, magician name?! Is it necessary?!

    I'd Why? Because an original name sounds much more vulnerable and pure. Unless your name is super-complicated, I don't see why you should change it. Anyways...not to mention the extreme embarassment one has to go through before finally selecting a good nickname. However, if you do...
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    People don't like the cross cut force?

    I don't like it for one single reason...if you perform it too many times, audience catches on. Same for Hindu Force...A good riffle force on the other hand... HOWEVER if I happen to get a spectator who's constantly burning my hands...surprisingly it's the cross-cut force that fools him. So I'd...
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    Border or Borderless for Double lifting?

    Hmm...maybe they tend to look at your tricks like more of puzzles. Try to make them seem less like puzzles. For example, don't make it look as if you are smart to find out their cards or something and definitely don't make them look bad.
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    Border or Borderless for Double lifting?

    :'( What you need to remember is that a real-life performance actually allows you to get away with lots of stuff. If I am alert, sometimes I manage to ''control'' a card just by placing it on the top, and NO ONE SEES IT. With that in mind, I guess both would be equally okay with good crowd...
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    What tricks make your audience say "do that again!"?

    Most things except mind-reading tricks... Even one of my coin productions, which gets a lot of reaction, doesn't get that from the same person. Usually, people are like, "Do that again...for my friend here!" And as soon as they say that, the speed with which they conjure a friend beside them...
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    Are amusement parks good places to perform magic to strangers?

    I think that comparatively, just a normal ride-less park (you know, the one where the most exciting things are the benches kept there and nothing else?). Seems more casual-amazing-magicky to me...
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    Had the weirdest "heckler" the other day...

    I think I had related is before once, but's not a weird-heckler thing, but a rather funny one tbh. Also, I guess I agree with @010rusty ...weird stuff keeps happening to you mate! You got the most exciting life XD So, this was a family function-sorta thing. At that time, people...
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    Finish the analogy

    Here's food for thought! A collar is to dog as rules are to magicians. #whenstuffrestrainsyou
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    Finish the analogy

    Well, ball is to dog as...well...ball is to magician. Along with some cups, of course...
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    What can you do with muscle reading?

    With muscle reading you can do...well...pretty much everything sleight of hand can never do.
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    What are some of the most impressive magic tricks you can learn?

    The cros twist's one handed version by Paul Harris looks pretty sick...and it's pure sleight of hand! Look it up, there's really interesting material related to it.
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    Black art

    I can tell you a use of black art myself, if you are interested. Use black art to write a big 'J' and then write a big 'C' over it. You will have a very cool sign made using black art...hoping you'll like it... And if you don't... This is where the real black art comes...
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    Are all dover magic books useful for beginners?

    Mate...just don't let them bother you. I tell you, most of the times when there is any heckler, the rest of the audience is on the magician's side. After all, they want to have fun and this heckler-guy tries to act smart. already have their mental support. How to retain it? Don't do...
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    Are all dover magic books useful for beginners?

    Just saying...Karl Fulves books require a lot of modifications. I think it'd be better if you studied some other works before you did his. Get Modern Coin Magic by J.B. BoboBobo Street Magic by Paul Zenon Complete Idiot's Guide to Street Magic by Tom Ogden (title seems a bit offensive, but...
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