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    Homemade Close-Up Mat..

    Has anyone made one before.. Or know how to? It would really help a lot. Thanks, M
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    New Magic & Cardistry Blog

    Hey guys, In an attempt to cure the boredom I have been cursed with for the rest of my Summer holidays, I have made this blog => to share some of the better videos and news the Cardistry and Card Magic world have to offer. I will also put up a lot of...
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    Review: B4CUT

    Find the review here: Also please check out the rest of the blog/ site... I intend to put a lot more stuff up there, and it would be nice to have some readers... Any feedback would be great. Thank you -M
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    Who are Ali, Burns Richard & Philip.

    Hey guys, At the end of Andrei's video: THE'ME, he credits Ali Bones Burns Ciappi De'vo Dan Dave Jonas Philip Richard Scott Sean Virtuoso. I know all of these people except Ali, Burns, Richard & Philip. Can anyone tell me there last names or send me a flourishing...
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    Clipshift Tips.

    Hey guys, So I just started practising the 'Clipshift' by Chad Nelson, and I know that I'm going to be spending months learning and practising this to perfection. Does anyone have any tips to help me get started, and get into good habits when doing it? Stuff like how to practise...
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    Jason England's new DL

    Any idea, what it's going to be?? I have my money on the Table Faro, what d'you guys think?
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    SNC Question

    Hey guys, I've never been able to do SNC before because of the Time difference from my country to to the US... But now I finally have Summer Holidays so I can do it. Just a quick question,, when does it start? I know it ends at 11:00 PM, but when does it start? Thanks
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    Pressure help.

    Hi guys, I want to purchase 'Pressure' by Danny Garcia and Dan White... and I want to do it in school. But there are no phones allowed at school, so my question is... for the effect do you need a phone? or can you use something similar in size?? thanks, -M
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    Guy Hollingworth's Triumph

    Hi Guys, I have 'Drawing Room Deceptions' by Guy Hollingworth, and I really like his 'Triumph' effect, that is described in the book. I am trying to learn the effect, but this is the first book that I am trying to learn from and I'm having a hard time because I don't know what it should...
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    Favorite Sybil

    As cardistry evolves, and keeps getting better every minute, we all have one 'Cut' to thank.. The Five Faces of Sybil. There have been countless variations, and what I would like to know is: What's your favourite? Whether it be Jamz, The original, Kevin Ho's you choose! IMO: I love...
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    Hey guys, Just got into some gambling techniques. I have Foundations, and I deciding to start the learning with the Strike Second Deal. Just a small problem/ question.. When I drag the second card out I sometimes accidentally pull 2 cards out. Is there anyway to fix this, I'm using a...
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    Getting into gambling techniques

    Hi guys, I'm looking to start getting into some gambling techniques.. e.g. false shuffles, riffle stacking, shifts, palms, seconds, bottoms etc. Does anyone know a good starting point. Thanks =) P.s. I'm a visual learner.. Books and me just don't mix.
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    Card spinning on Deck

    Hey guys, I've seen the move where a card is like spinning on the deck.. Does anyone know where I can learn it? Thanks -ImRB
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    Dealing with Skeptics.

    Hey guys, How do you deal with skeptics (smart a**es) who think they are the best and know about everything you're doing? There's this guy at school and many times when I want to perform to someone, he comes close and starts telling people how he thinks I do it... He's really annoying...
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    Failing a trick.

    Hi guys, I've just started a new school, and finally got a chance to perform for people regularly, which I'm soo happy about because I get some insane reactions to simple tricks like William Tell, Autocatch, Biddle Trick etc. I've performed like 10-15 times so far, but today for the first...
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    Where to learn..

    Hi guys, Just wanted to know where I could learn: The Duck Change- by Hiro Siaki (sorry If If the spelling is wrong) Top Shot- Lennart Green One or the other or both would be appreciated :) Thanks!
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    Starting Coins

    Hey guys, I'm looking to start coin magic, but all the stuff on T11 is like intermediate/ advanced. Any suggestions? Thanks. P.S. I saw on E a thing called Metal Jones... I'm not sure about it because I've bought from E before and I think we all know the T11 quality beats the hell out...
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    Bullet/One Point Production Help

    Hey guys, I hope this isn't like revealing anything :/ That's not what I want to do.. But I don't know where else to ask this question... In Opp and Bullet when i try to peel the card with my index it always pulls like 3... and Andrei said, 'Have a firm grip'... but when I do that no...
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    Herman Pass vs Classic Pass

    Hi guys, I have been doing magic for about 2 months, and am finally ready to go into the hand tearing search for perfection of the 'Pass'. I have seen them both before know how they work, but prefer the Herman... what do you guys think.. I think the Herman is easier to cover up, and easier to...
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    T11 Books?

    Hey guys, Why don't T11 sell books.. like Erdnase, or Card College. I think it would be a great idea, because say I wanted to purchase Card College, and needed some new Guardians, I would get the cards from here, and have to go to Amazon, and get some sh*tty old copy of Card College (great...
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