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    Mentalism Book----Inspired

    I have not been on this forum in awhile but wanted to let you know about reviews posted on a new ebook I wrote. The reviews can be found at A litte about inspired. It is very limited and it is priced to keep...
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    Bold by rus andrews

    New DVD is out called Bold by Rus Andrews. It is being sold at If you are not familiar with Rus he is an amazing English Magician putting out some of the most original new ideas available. I first heard of him when I purchased Numbers--an ebook. Numbers is the best...
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    Best Method to Selling Effects

    I have several effects that I use that I have created (yes--they use some established prinicpals but in a combination that as far as I know are unique). One I use as a demonstration that I can persuade someone to mentally select a card I force on them. I have put together a pdf of a mentally...
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    Matthew Johnson ACAAN

    I purchased Matthew Johnson's CD ROM with PDF book on his version of ACAAN. He states "The deck is on the table BEFORE the card and number are named and there is no force of any number called for. The spectator deals down to the card themselves and their appears at their freely selected...
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    David Blaine Effect

    I was watching one of David Blaine's old TV specials last night and saw him perform the following. He asked the spectator to name a card. After they named the card he asked the spectator to simply flick a deck in front of them. When they did their card appeared face up. Although I can come...
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    Getting Better

    I would say a large majority of the time I perform for someone afterwards I learn something about the effect. Usually I learn something that I would never think of unless I actually perfrom the trick. Either I realize something I did made the trick better or worse. Often I am suprised by...
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    Magic Like Derren Brown

    I really loved Derren Brown's Devil Picture Book especially the DVD on mental forces. Does anyone have any recommendations on similar type of magic/mentalism in the spirt of Derren Brown? Looking for books, dvd or ebook. Thanks
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    Unexplainable Magic

    What magic have you recently seen that just left you baffled? In other words, you simply had no idea how it could be done. Give a brief description of the trick, who performed it and where you saw it. Thanks
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    Kevin Parker Vanish Effect

    I remember seeing a post along with a video of a Kevin Parker vanish effect that was suppose to come out soon a couple of months ago. I did a quick search but did not find the thread. Does anyone know if this is out or is coming out soon? Thanks
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    What is the most eagerly awaited Effect

    Curious what forum members felt is the most eagerly awaited effect, dvd, book etc. relating to magic that is not yet out but is coming soon.
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    Best Little Known Book - PDF or DVD

    I know there are a lot of threads about listing best books, dvds, card tricks, etc. Usually you see many of the same books, etc. listed (and rightfully so--they are very good). I was wondering what people thought about listing one or two of the best books, pdfs, dvds, etc. that are under the...
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    Crooked by Kevin Parker

    I saw this DVD is available where it appears you bend a spectators key and then restore it (the key apparently only appears to be bent). Does anyone have this? Any recommendations? Is it different than Contort? Thanks
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    The Advocate--Daniel Madison--Availability

    I was looking for reviews for the Advocate by Daniel Madison and it looked interesting. Then I saw posts saying it was going to be taken down and not sold any further. It appears to be still for sale on the Devils Advocate site. Was it taken down? If so, is it available now and why was it...
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    Berglas Effect

    I have seen numerous threads that mention the Berglas Effect but have not found much information on it using the search function. Can anyone give insight on what the actual effect is and where it is available? Thanks
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    Loki by Dee Christopher

    I like Dee Christopher's work and am thinking of getting Pieces at 3 a.m specifically for the Loki effect. Can anyone tell me if the description is accurate: Three different colored poker chips are mixed and the spectator out of performer's sight places one in each pocket. Performer reveals...
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    Current Wish List

    Everyday I see magic I would love to get. I am curious as to what is on other people's current wish list to purchase (dvds, books, etc). Thanks
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    Magic Cafe Registration

    Does anyone know why Magic Cafe is not allowing individuals to register at this time? This seems odd to me---isn't the idea of a forum to have as many different view points and thoughts as possible?
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    Underground Magic?

    I am relatively new to magic and one term I seen thrown around a lot is "underground magic". I see moves advertised as having been underground and just now be revealed, etc. My question is whether there is a fair amount of underground magic out there whose methods are only known by a...
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    Question re: Derren Brown's Website

    I was looking at Derren Brown's website and when you click on "Products" it requires you to input "Eugene's Surname". Can anybody offer any help on this? Thanks
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    Info on Trick posted in Media Section

    I am somewhat new to the site and hope this question is appropriate. I saw a performance that someone posted where they asked the spectator to mentally picture a deck of cards--asked them to picture red or black, the suit and then the card itself (in the presentation it was the Jack of Spades)...
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