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    Where can I get these?

    I would like to add some more rare decks to my collection but don't know where I can get them or for a reasonable price. So I would really appreciate some help, I would like doubles/triples of them if possible but these are the ones I'd like... Red and blue bee watermelon decks Fatboy eat...
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    White Artisans Question

    Hey, Today I bought 2 of the white artisans as well as 1 of the originals, I know they're rare but not how rare. So I was wondering how many are there? Like how rare? Thanks (in advance) :D
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    Flourishing, What to Learn?

    I can do some flourishes but very basic ones and they aren't "amazing" either. So due to there being many cardsists' on the forums I thought this would be an appropriate place to ask although I'll list the ones I can do first. One handed cuts Charlier cut Scissor cut The revolution cut A...
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    Becoming a Street Magician?

    I've been doing magic since December 2011 however I have only performed to friends and family, but I want to start doing street magic; to give myself confidence, share my passion and hopefully entertain people as well as possibly give people a once in a life time experience. The only thing is I...
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    Designing a Deck, Dimensions and Your Opinions

    My friend and I are currently thinking of designing a deck of playing cards, we're thinking: Vintage Thin borders A lot of customisation yet still looks standard so working magicians can use it So if we could have your opinions that would be more than helpful. Also due to us designing a...
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    Favourite Playing Cards?

    Hey, I don't have many cards and would like to get some more but don't know which are the best, most popular and cool. So could you please leave a list of your favourites
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    Street Magic : What do I say?

    So I really want to start doing street magic but I don't know what to perform or say when I walk up to somebody, so it would be really nice if you have experience and could help me out :D Thanks ~ E ~
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    Cards for table work?

    So my birthday is soon and I'm getting into table work, you know gambling techniques. So I'd like to know what cards are good for table work and general magic. Cards that are custom and would not actually be used in casinos or anything professional seeing as I'm only 13 (almost 14). Also what...
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    T11 Please Stop People Destroying Magic

    Hey, Im on youtube and have recently seen a video posted by howtodisturbreality which is revealing touch by hanson chien, could you please contact him and tell him to remove it. I have told him what I think (without using bad language) and yet he has removed my comment. Please help T11
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    Card Magic?

    I've been doing magic since December 2011, but recently I've been learning less and less effects not because I'm beginning to dislike it. Its just because I haven't been able to find any good ones of which I can perform or fit my style. I'm getting 21 but I am also beginning to like the look of...
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    Flourishing DVD?

    Hey guys, My birthday is soon and I got genesis v1 for Christmas, its great but there aren't as many things as I had thought (if you know what I mean). So I'm stuck between genesis v2 or pure, what do you guys think and/or are there any others you recommend? Happy new year ;)
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    How often do you open a deck of cards?

    I'm a magician, and I have quite a "lot" of decks most are sealed. There are some I will eventually open and others that will forever stay sealed . . . hopefully. I am just curious on when all of you crack open a new deck :D
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    Info About The Coterie Playing Cards Please?

    Hi guys, I've been looking on the internet for some really nice and rare cards to help get my collection started. I came across some cards called Coterie Playing Cards by Zenneth Kok. I can't find much information about them, and I was just hoping some of you do and would tell me. Thanks a...
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    Flourishes for beginners?

    I've just began flourishing, and don't know what to learn. Please help I know the charlier cut spider cut and not much else :(
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