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  1. JoeSkip

    Card To Mouth

    theres really no way unless u wanna take like a cotton ball and put in in ur cheek like they use to at the dentist
  2. JoeSkip

    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    this is absolutely hilarious
  3. JoeSkip

    Magic Resources

    Russian genius on YouTube 52 cards u can message me here or on fb and iiol shate what I know with u joeskip
  4. JoeSkip


    Productions on a selected card
  5. JoeSkip

    Comedy and Magic/Mentalism

    Because what's the word the kids are using nowadymays he had no swag haha
  6. JoeSkip

    Mistakes that cant exist...but exist..

    Very good advice always make sure that u can fix mistakes with improve like if I drop a card I might throw a couple more off the top and make it part of the deal or laugh it off like a dont need that one or this one or this one maybe even throw all the cards except there's onto the floor to...
  7. JoeSkip


    So I hate to use other people's routines I peffer to take moves and make my own and honestly I haven't seen a good production or better yet new production that I want to incorporate. Any ideas I really like dynamos pocket production without having a pocket Help
  8. JoeSkip

    Confession of magicians

    I really only like impromptu magic and stage magic just doesn't impress me anymore
  9. JoeSkip


    Honestly if it's good you will win points like a good card to mouth facebook news joe skip if u need a good card to mouth routine but when magic is good it's hard not to like I meet my girl friend at a bar by asking if she was done with her drink proceeded to pour it into my"hand" then brought...
  10. JoeSkip

    Trick idea

    Magicians choice
  11. JoeSkip


    trying to find some new people to chat with that understand what im talking about when i talk about magic
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