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  1. Jamie D. Grant

    We've been doing it all wrong. My TEDx talk.

    Hiya Gang! Sorry I've been away for so long- but this took a serious part of the last year- and I figure sharing this might be a good reason to get back into the posting game; now that life is a little bit less crazy...
  2. Jamie D. Grant

    Happy Holidays! Giving you my f**c* for Christmas!

    Hiya Gang! I don't get on here as much as I'd like but I still wanted to wish everyone a wonderfully, awesome, epically, fantastic, incredibility, unforgettable, powerful, soul hugging, holidays! Hurrah! We're all in this together and everyone's support helps build us all up. You guys are...
  3. Jamie D. Grant

    The Vault, from Jamie D. Grant~ A new card guard.

    Hiya Gang! Well, if you're friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you'll know I've been working on a new card guard for the last little while. It all stemmed from the need to protect the boxes that are used for Industrial Revelation a bit, because the pound and a half of steel...
  4. Jamie D. Grant


    Hiya Gang! Just as a quick FYI, this is something I've been working on for a long time... And here's a little more info: A look at the hand-drawn instructions: Drawn by the amazing and...
  5. Jamie D. Grant


    Hiya Gang! Something a little different from my usual essays here... I've been laid up at home the last few days, so this morning I thought I'd make a quick video to reveal something I've been working on since July 08, 2006: I finally got...
  6. Jamie D. Grant

    How To Promote Yourself- Essay #12 from Jamie D. Grant

    So... You've amazed your friends, fried your family, and have destroyed the minds of strangers. Everyone around you can't believe you're not in Vegas and all insist that you are given your own TV special. You feel you're ready for the next step- cash. the big time. moohlah. bling bling. But...
  7. Jamie D. Grant

    Send Wonder (public version) 2011 starts tomorrow! The link explains everything! This thread will (hopefully) have the pictures of the 52 people. If you know someone in Vancouver, let them know!
  8. Jamie D. Grant

    Stage Show Thoughts~ Essay #11 by Jamie D. Grant

    Hiya Gang! No time to write up my usual style of Essay (off to a gig- booyah!), but I thought I'd put some ideas on film for you. I know a lot of you started out in close-up, but may be thinking of adding another product to your arsenal. If so, watch on...
  9. Jamie D. Grant

    Deflecting Thoughts and False Memories. Essay #10 by JDG

    So you've just been asked to show someone something (how's that for alliteration in an opening sentence!) and, after proper magical skilling (I think I just made that word up), they are a melting pool of wonder. They scream with joy for about ten seconds...and then? "Hmmm...wait a...
  10. Jamie D. Grant

    Shaky Hands & Falling Cards. Beating Anxiety

    Shaky Hands & Falling Cards. Beating Anxiety. Essay #9 We've all been there. All of us. "Pick a card!" we joyously pronounce, only to look down at our hands and think, "What the ^#^* is going on? I can't control my own mitts!" Why? What is it about performing magic that makes us so...
  11. Jamie D. Grant

    Essays for 2011. What would you like to know?

    Hiya Gang! As I get ready to gear up for next year's workload, I'm dedicating myself a specific amount of time to contribute to the Theory 11 forums and, more specifically, to continue writing Essays geared at helping the working (or aspiring working) pro. So my question for you is... What...
  12. Jamie D. Grant

    How I introduce Sentinels (the only deck I now use)

    Hiya Gang! Well, this isn't one of my usual essays, but it might help those that have picked up a deck of Sentinels. I have never really been a fan (get it? fan? cards, you know, fan, ahem. never mind) of custom decks. I'm not knocking people who love them- they've just never been for me...
  13. Jamie D. Grant

    My interview with the Magic Newsire is now up!

    ...and I'd love to know your thoughts!
  14. Jamie D. Grant

    Crushing the Haters! Essay #8 by Jamie D. Grant

    You: "So tell me what card you selected..." Them: "You tell me, Mr. Magician." You: "Um, for the first time, please name your card out loud." Them: "How about you go %#^ #^^^# , instead." You: "Are you talkin' to me? What am I? Some sort of joke? Do you have any idea who I am? Vinny! Come...
  15. Jamie D. Grant

    Daniel Garcia, Bill Abbott, and myself keeping realio. Just a fun video about something I do every so often ;) Poor Bill, lol. We hadn't slept for, like, three days.
  16. Jamie D. Grant

    Do you need a stage show? Essay #7 by JDG

    Hiya Gang! Okay, so you've been doing close-up for a while now and are confident of your game. Event planners like you, clients rebook you, and you're firing on all cylinders. The question is, do you now create a stage show? Is it necessary? Will it get you more money? My advice...
  17. Jamie D. Grant

    How I spend my time on vacation... I'm off to hang with Daniel Madison later this week. Good times, jamie
  18. Jamie D. Grant

    Developing Your Sets - Essay #6 from JDG

    Hiya Gang! I'm going to be off the grid for almost a month so I though I'd leave you with these thoughts. If you want catch up on what I've been talking about already, feel free to check out these threads: A) Rates FAQ 2.0 (how much to charge) by Jamie D. Grant Essay #1 B) The single most...
  19. Jamie D. Grant

    How to design a business card~ Essay #5 by JDG

    Hiya Gang! I have a collection of over 1000 different cards from corporations around the globe and I can tell you the single most important piece of information that is revealed on the best ones... The contact information. Okay, that sounds ridiculously obvious. But it's often ignored...
  20. Jamie D. Grant

    Tips or Wage? ~ more thoughts from JDG

    Hiya Gang, Lol, I'm writing a ton these days because I'm off to Paris and London at the end of the week, and will probably be without a computer. So I need to get all of this out of my system before I go, lol. Anyways, it was mentioned over here about approaching people for tips. Now I...
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