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    Stay strong Japan.

    This is not a magic-related thread, but I still want to post it. As you all know, a 8.9 earthquake just occurred yesterday in Japan, followed by tsunami that wiped out everything near the coast. Just a curious thought, how many magicians died or lost their home in this disaster? I saw...
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    I just got static. BUT, i broke the gimmick........... Anyone encountered the same situation? And is it possible for me avoid this problem? what if i break it during my performance?
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    Clip Shift

    OK. My purpose is to learn the clip shift. I was hesitating about buying the surfaced DVD or not. Then I found that there is an instruction of D&D The Queens in D& and I know that in The Queens, Dan and Dave have utilized the clip shift to do the last vanish. Well, Surfaced is about...
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