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  1. NJillusionist3

    Missing Person

    Hey guys, I know this isn't magic related at all but I'm hoping we can make an exception. One of my best friends from high school, and one of hte people I used to try out my new effects on, went missing on Saturday. If any of you guys are on or know people on the West coast near Washington...
  2. NJillusionist3

    Creating a small show, need some advice

    I was asked to do a 15-30 minute show for my university for a social event. They said it would be about 300-600 ppl with a small stage. I'm trying to devise what kind of short show I could do. I do mainly cards and coins but I also do spongeballs, the gypsy thread, Stigmata, and a few other...
  3. NJillusionist3

    Fake Dresscode Exposure Video

    This was in the SNC a few weeks ago, I don't know if everybody saw it. The only reason I post is several ppl were prompting me to try and create a series out of it, which I am considering. So if you guys have any ideas for products I could do, just post them in this thread...
  4. NJillusionist3

    Solid Card books/DVDs

    Hey guys, I haven't really made any purchases in a while. (Don't worry this isn't a tell me what to buy thread. Well not completely.) I'm just looking for suggestions from you guys for solid, multiple effect card DVDs/books. Just to add some new stuff to my repertoire, non gimmicked stuff...
  5. NJillusionist3

    Expanded shell problems

    MY shell only seems to work with coins that have smooth edges ( i mean kennedy halves btw). If i ever use coins with the normal coin edges, they get stuck in shell and i have to pry them out. Luckily this has never happened to me in a routine. Is there anyway to deal with this? any tips? Because...
  6. NJillusionist3

    Muscle pass applications

    Hey everybody, anyone know any good sources for applications of the muscle pass as a sleight? I have mostly only seen it as a display kind of thing by magicians like Jay Noblezada and Dan Whatkins. But I have seen some applications for it in Cultural Xchange for productions, vanishes and...
  7. NJillusionist3

    Chop cup routines

    For anyone here who does a chop cup routine, or just for anyone in general who can think about this, I was curious what you think about the idea of a routine for it. Is it better to make it more of a "guess if its in my pocket or under the cup" game, for the audience interaction, or to make it...
  8. NJillusionist3

    Coin effect themes

    What are all the different themed routines a coin magician should know? Spellbound, coins across, production/vanish, etc...
  9. NJillusionist3

    Coin questions

    How do you get coins into a routine thats in progress without using your pockets? I know that sounded weird but I mean I got Cultural xchange DVDs and I am getting pretty good with trinity, But I am having trouble figuring out how to get the second coin into the routine. I have heard of coin...
  10. NJillusionist3

    Different Coins?

    Where can I get a bundle of different coins? I live in america so i dont exactly have english pennies and chinese coins, where can i get jsut those coins?
  11. NJillusionist3

    Groove Electric Switch

    I have read the review for the move and seen the demo, and was very interested in picking this up. But then i thought about it for a while, and was really trying hard to find applications for this. I know Doc teaches several tricks with it, but I felt like those are all the applications, and...
  12. NJillusionist3

    Fake Box Load

    I'm working on an effect where cards transpose with cards placed in the card box. But I want it to be pretty clean and really let them see the cards going in the box. Are there any techniques for seemingly placing cards into the box, but really placing them into palm or lapping them?
  13. NJillusionist3

    Thursday Night Roundtable - The Side Steal

    One of the most direct methods for controlling or palming, the side steal is an extremely versatile move. But of course, because of its many applications, it must have inherent flaws. The sound and naturalness of the move are constantly being fine tuned to perfect a move that should be done...
  14. NJillusionist3

    Thursday Night Roundtable - The Diagonal Palm Shift

    The Diagonal Palm Shift is one of the most widely studied moves from Erdnase's Expert at the Card Table. It is also arguably one of the most efficient techniques for palming single or multiple cards. Common problems during a person's development of the move are finger flutter, the sound of the...
  15. NJillusionist3

    Reducing Noise of Bottom Deal

    Anyone know any techniques for this? Or has it been written anywhere? I'm definitely looking to improve that part of my deal because I think the other elements are decent. But I have done a Lorayne's Poker Deal as an effect, and everyone was baffled by how the aces were in my hand except this...
  16. NJillusionist3

    Magicians in South Jersey?

    I only know the few ones from the magic shop i work at. and they aren't all that dedicated. Anyone else in the area? i feel a bit alone here haha
  17. NJillusionist3

    Thursday Night Roundtable - The Top Change

    The move, the myth, the legend, the top change is one of the building blocks of card magic. At the surface it seems to be such a simple move, which it is, in method. But doing the move openly would be disastrous. So it has come with many takes on misdirection, subtleties, and variations to...
  18. NJillusionist3

    Weekly discussion idea

    Hey guys. I was thinking of an idea for a weekly discussion here on the card magic forum. Wanted to know what you guys think. In the movie Shade (which I hope you have all seen) Vernon says to the Professor in the Magic Castle, "I remember when we used to stay up all night talking about one...
  19. NJillusionist3

    Method Help

    This is for a rehandling of an effect i'm working on. I have been working on the method for a little while., but I seem to have hit a snag. I don't know where to go from a point i'm at. I had a move devised but it didn't seem very smooth in real time. The situation is this: I have the deck in...
  20. NJillusionist3

    Retention Vanish Question

    I really like the retention vanish. However, I learned the retention vanish by doing spongeballs, because i haven't really started coins until a few days ago. I was curious, if anyone here has Jay Noblezada's sponge DVD, if the method from that DVD could be practical for coins. I only ask...
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