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  1. NJillusionist3

    peter pellikaan

    There is rumored to to be a book of his best things in the works. Not sure when that will happen though. Peter's packet tricks are the best by far.
  2. NJillusionist3

    Lateral palm

    Steranko on Cards is one of the best resources. Andrus material generally has some lateral palm work in it too. There is plenty in Andrus Card Control, but that is all just technique. If you are also looking for applications of it I would suggest Andrus Deals You In.
  3. NJillusionist3

    Card cheating

    Darwin Ortiz has some useful stuff on actual card cheating, but in most cases it isn't really talked about, especially the psychology of it. Tony Giorgio talks a lot about when he was an actual cheater in his DVD set The Ultimate work.
  4. NJillusionist3

    The Pass technique

    I'm confused at your point Wyatt. If you are doing a classic pass, you aren't conceiving a new pass, right? You are doing a classic pass, and although noise can be covered, doesn't justify its existence. The pass is supposed to be silent because it's a secret action. Many of the actions that...
  5. NJillusionist3

    Misdirection books or best sources to improve

    Definitely check out the Fitzkee book its great. And as mentioned above, the Books of Wonder have great essays explaining new ideas on misdirection and routines utilizing those ideas.
  6. NJillusionist3

    Steve Reynolds Lecture

    Steve Reynolds is the man. He has a very classical style, in terms of effect themes at least. If you aren't into that, his techniques are still top notch. He released few good things on, and his work on the Zarrow shuffle is some of the best around, IMHO.
  7. NJillusionist3

    2NA: A 3-Phase Sandwich Routine

    Yeah, unfortunately not much of that routine is original, the sleight in the first two or the last phase. In my opinion, your first and second phase are basically the same, so I would just cut out the first phase completely. Pav, the sandwich cards changing is a good kicker, but why into queens...
  8. NJillusionist3

    Check out my new release - Coalesce

    How does this play for people, honestly? In my experience, any effect where the spectators think they have two different card and end up having the same one, or think they see one card and see different cards, turns out poorly. The spectators just get kinda confused until you explain it and it...
  9. NJillusionist3

    Saturday Night Contest - Backstage Pass

    This is my entry, Herrmann style cover pass, first learned it in Modus Operandi.
  10. NJillusionist3

    SL(s) Advanced Fingertip Bluff Control...original

    I like the idea a lot, but i think it would help a lot to change the second riffling action in some way, the motion of the card after the peek and the extension of the fingers doesn't flow together, it doesn't create the kind of retention of vision that you want.
  11. NJillusionist3

    Saturday Night Contest - Name This Flourish!

    1. Pole Dance 2. Coin Roll God's way 3. Prince and the Revolution
  12. NJillusionist3

    Saturday Night Contest - Record Breaking!

    SNC entry. How long does it take to clipshift 52 times?
  13. NJillusionist3

    Missing Person

    Hey guys, I know this isn't magic related at all but I'm hoping we can make an exception. One of my best friends from high school, and one of hte people I used to try out my new effects on, went missing on Saturday. If any of you guys are on or know people on the West coast near Washington...
  14. NJillusionist3

    Greek deal in masters grip?

    I'm pretty sure that Marlo has a greek deal method in one of the magazines, I'm pretty sure its magazine 1. Other than that, Martin Nash has a greek deal handling or two in his books, Sleight Unseen and Any Second now, I don't think there are any in Ever so Sleightly. And I know there is one in...
  15. NJillusionist3

    Saturday Night Contest - Something In The Air

    Here is my entry. The book I'm pulling is actually Close Up Card Magic by HL
  16. NJillusionist3

    Creating a small show, need some advice

    I think I am going to get some sort of camera to get a close up view of the show. I'll talk to them about it. Because honestly I don't have any jumbo cards, or any prop type effects I don't really know any stage effects. Which I articulated to them so I hope everything will work out.
  17. NJillusionist3

    Creating a small show, need some advice

    I was asked to do a 15-30 minute show for my university for a social event. They said it would be about 300-600 ppl with a small stage. I'm trying to devise what kind of short show I could do. I do mainly cards and coins but I also do spongeballs, the gypsy thread, Stigmata, and a few other...
  18. NJillusionist3

    Problem Running Cards and Flase Counting...

    If you are taking cards as in an elmsley count, try using your left index finger to gauge how many cards you are taking. Put it at the outer edge of the pack so that it will only let one card by each time you take cards from the deck.
  19. NJillusionist3

    Fake Dresscode Exposure Video

    This was in the SNC a few weeks ago, I don't know if everybody saw it. The only reason I post is several ppl were prompting me to try and create a series out of it, which I am considering. So if you guys have any ideas for products I could do, just post them in this thread...
  20. NJillusionist3

    This might be interesting for the mechanics in the room.

    Oh yes I think I see now. My bad I misread his post. I guess we will have to see if he posts anything else.
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