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  1. MaGiK Man

    Wayne Houchin Daily Updates?

    I havnt been on this site in the past few weeks, so this may have been addressed, but is there a reason Wayne hasnt been doing any daily updates? or is it just my computer? Thanks in advance. ~Nate Hickey
  2. MaGiK Man

    Book Tests

    Hey everybody, my birthday is coming up soon and i was looking into getting a book test, but i don't know all the different kinds out there. I'm thinking of getting Mark Mason's Word in a Million because i went to his lecture and i like the way it works. I was wondering if there are any...
  3. MaGiK Man

    Card to Sky!

    Hey guys! I just got back from Sorcerers Safari and holy crap it was amazing! I saw Michael Ammar do card to ceiling...OUTSIDE! no joke. he did card to freaking sky. the card just kept going up and up till we couldn't see it any more! It was freaking amazing!...anyway just thought i would...
  4. MaGiK Man

    When is David Blaine's New Special?

    hey everybody, i was just wondering if anyone knew when david blaines next TV special was. Thanks in advance ~Nate
  5. MaGiK Man

    Sorcerers Safari Camp

    Hey all! Im going to the Sorcerers Safari Camp up in Canada at the end of the month. I was just wondering if anyone else here is going?
  6. MaGiK Man

    Gimmick Coin Question

    I dont want any exposure, but i have a question for anyone that owns a Flipper Coin. Is there an easy way to replace the rubber band??? You can try to PM me or instant messge me for the answer. Thanks in advance ~Nate
  7. MaGiK Man

    Well what about 08/08/08?

    today is 08/08/08 but wayne houchins site is the same its been for a long time...whats going to happen?
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